Astounding Japanese online music "video"

Article: Astounding Japanese online music "video"

In a similar vein to “The Wilderness Downtown” which was a personalized “musical experience made specifically for the browser” in a collaboration between Google, Arcade Fire, and Chris Milk, this online music “video” (in the loosest terms) for Japanese band Sour is equally astounding. The load time is a bit tedious but the pay out…

SUNfiltered music videos

Article: SUNfiltered music videos

1. I likeasarous a lot this prehysterical music video directed by Steven Andrew Garcia for Mika Miko’s song “Totion” featuring dinosaurs partying it up!

Internet abuzz about Japanese music video

Article: Internet abuzz about Japanese music video

This deceptively lo-fi video is too spectacular to bury in my weekly Friday music video round up and the blogosphere is currently freaking out about its brilliance. It’s a crowd sourced music video for Hibi no Neiro (“Tone of Everyday”) by Japanese band Sour that uses webcam footage from fans which is then stitched together…