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The ladies of Mad Men belt out the hits: From The Supremes to Gillian Hills

Article: The ladies of Mad Men belt out the hits: From The Supremes to Gillian Hills

Mad Men: Set Me Free from popculturepirate on Vimeo.

The highly anticipated season five premiere of Mad Men filled in the corners of the week’s zeitgeist that weren’t already occupied by the adoring fans (racist moviegoers notwithstanding) of THE HUNGER GAMES. In case you missed it, get caught up with Vanity Fair’s high-brow recap. There was also this remix of The Supremes’ “You Keep Me Hangin’ On” created by stitching the dialogue of the women from Mad Men. These sort of supercut remixes always makes me wonder how people had the time to do create these videos.


Article: NINE

Overly fussy moviegoers who are disappointed that director Rob Marshall’s lush musical NINE doesn’t live up to Fellini’s 8½ is ridiculous and, frankly, irrelevant criticism. It should be noted that Marshall, who has a background in choreography and an Oscar-winning film (CHICAGO) under his belt, didn’t set out to remake a Fellini, but to adapt “Nine,” the Broadway musical. However, even without precedent, NINE holds its own ground.

Comedy, Italian style

Article: Comedy, Italian style

Still from IL SORPASSO (THE EASY LIFE) (1962) If you’re still recovering from post-THE ROAD depression, head over to MoMA for a week of Dino Risi’s smart, if bitter, comedies. Kicking things off is SCENT OF A WOMAN (1974) – that’s the original, not the 1992 Pacino remake. If Risi can make light of a…