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Sony Pictures Classics' Tom Bernard on Sundance '12

Article: Sony Pictures Classics' Tom Bernard on Sundance '12

Ever since he co-founded Sony Pictures Classics, an autonomous division of Sony Pictures that specializes in independent films, back in 1991, SPC co-president Tom Bernard—along with co-president Michael Barker—has been a regular fixture at the Sundance Film Festival.

Over the past twenty years, his company has acquired 36 titles at Sundance, including WELCOME TO THE DOLLHOUSE; JUNEBUG, which helped launch the career of Amy Adams; the British crime drama LAYER CAKE, which introduced the world to Daniel Craig; and the bildungsroman AN EDUCATION, which racked up three Academy Award nominations, including Best Picture and Best Actress (Carey Mulligan).

Who You Calling Wack?

Article: Who You Calling Wack?

The honchos at Sony Pictures Classics may not be the most popular guys at Sundance. Michael Barker and Tom Bernard are not known for whipping out bulging wallets to buy and when they do make a deal, some say they don’t send movies into the world with a big enough push. But if some at Sundance have issues with Bernard, he has some issues with Sundance.

Update: Five Things I Took Away From Sundance: Thom Powers

Article: Update: Five Things I Took Away From Sundance: Thom Powers

UPDATE: Said to have the ability to obtain cult-movie status, ROCKET SCIENCE had a limited theatrical release this past summer.

“What makes the first fiction feature from documentarian Blitz persuasive is its late-film detour from the inspirational niche-sports genre to something altogether unexpected — and the winning lead performance of Reece Daniel Thompson.” – Jim Ridley (Village Voice)”