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Best green jobs list: Solar panel technician

Article: Best green jobs list: Solar panel technician

This is the second in our list of the best green jobs as our country converts to a 21st century Green economy. If you missed it, read the first entry in the list.

Energy courses through every aspect of industrialized civilization. Since everyone can agree that polluting energy sources need to be cleaned up, solar technology seems to have an absolute advantage when it comes to providing sustainable energy. Being a solar panel technician will allow you to directly improve the environment. Every unit you install adds more alternative energy to the nation’s grid.

Environmental Bailout?

Article: Environmental Bailout?

The environment needs a bailout. However, there is an inherent quirk in the way the American economy works that makes environmental bailout an unlikely prospect for America. The way free markets work depends on the use of capital. There are two types of capital this article is concerned with; human capital, which are workers, and…