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Worldwide Weather Information Standards in the Works

Article: Worldwide Weather Information Standards in the Works

GENEVA, Switzerland, September 17, 2008 (ENS) – The UN World Meteorological Organization and the International Organization for Standardization, ISO, have agreed to cooperate in setting international standards for weather, climate and water data, products and services. The new procedures will “clarify the authority of WMO documents and enhance their international recognition and dissemination,” said WMO…

Biofuels Are Misunderstood

Article: Biofuels Are Misunderstood

Recently, there have been many murmurs questioning the carbon reducing ability of the biofuel industry. One scientist in particular, Mr. Joe Fargione of The Nature Conservancy, says that statistical research has shown that biofuel production, as it currently exists, produces more carbon pollution than traditional fossil fuels. Keep in mind that this article is in…