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A digital, serialized, erotic novella for the month of August

Article: A digital, serialized, erotic novella for the month of August

On July 31st we got a press release about “29 Days of August,” a “digital novella of appetites” meant to be read throughout the month on “the social networks you already use.” Here’s the scoop:

Comedy gold: tweets in a Peanut universe

Article: Comedy gold: tweets in a Peanut universe

Peanutweeter is my current favorite website for chuckles: the site takes tweets from various people offering their insights, observations, and some thoughts better left unsaid and matches it with a frame from a Peanuts comic. For all of us bloggers, this is a great question asked by Lucy.

Twitter invasion

Article: Twitter invasion

Does the new Tweetseat make a compelling case for connecting digital and physical communities or is this an example of technology and social media gone too far? Designed by Chris McNicoll, the Tweetseat is a park bench at the Botanical Gardens in Dundee, Scotland that takes two pictures each time someone sits on it. The first picture, taken from the bench, captures the point of view of the sitter, and the second is a photo of the person/people sitting on the bench taken from a nearby tree. This set of pictures is then automatically uploaded to the Twitter feed @Tweetingseat.

Social networking leads to Oscar nominations, casual sex

Article: Social networking leads to Oscar nominations, casual sex

The movie THE SOCIAL NETWORK scored eight Oscar nominations last week, but that’s not the only way in which social networking, lower case, is scoring. According to a poll conducted by Men’s Fitness and Shape magazines (not exactly the ivory towers, we know, but the sex and dating research coming out of there is often just…

Twitter's top 10 most powerful tweets of 2010

Article: Twitter's top 10 most powerful tweets of 2010

Twitter rounded up their list of the top 10 most influential and powerful tweets this year. Although they might not be world leaders, nationally recognized reporters, or celebrities, here is my recommended short list of must-follow people on Twitter due to their excellent linkage or humor (or both!): jennydeluxe (memes, news, and lolz), CardiffGarcia (financial),…

Facebook is watching you

Article: Facebook is watching you

Comparable to Foursquare and Gowalla, Facebook’s latest feature Places let’s you check into a location and alerts you if any of your Facebook friends as well as any other Facebook users have checked into the same place, upping the creep factor and creating the potential for more awkward social situations than ever. Say you check into a bar. No one you know is around, but Places tells you that Melissa, a 32-year-old Art History major who watches “True Blood” and is a fan of Obama and a member of the group “I love chips and salsa” is within a 10-foot radius. Now you have an in. Once you casually stalk her out you can pepper the conversation with your take on last week’s episode or that article you read in Newsweek about Freud, right before you ask her if she feels like splitting some chips and salsa.

The Horrible Truth About Celebrity Tweeting

Article: The Horrible Truth About Celebrity Tweeting

As someone who follows celebrities for a living, I’ve found that they’re fascinating creatures who radiate excitement and sex appeal in everything they do—except tweeting!

I know this because the second I joined Twitter a few months ago, I started “following” any celebrity I could track down there, anxious to eavesdrop on whatever stellar utterances were available to me thanks to this trendy form of techno-networking. But just as quickly, I was bored into submission by the fact that in this context, bold-face luminaries are every bit as trivial and fatuous as you and me!

Social TV: Watch online with your Facebook and MySpace pals

Article: Social TV: Watch online with your Facebook and MySpace pals

Mashable, the site devoted to coverage of the social-media industry, posted a cool report about SplashCast, a widget that adds revolutionary commenting capabilities to offerings from Hulu and other online video providers. It’s easy to add a comment to the discussion thread on, say, a YouTube page, but SplashCast, or “Social TV,” as they call it, is different.

Life as an Open Story

Article: Life as an Open Story

This is a weekly column written by Annie Howell and Lisa Robinson, two filmmakers and film professors who are wondering where modern storytelling is heading. I’ve been thinking about the number of people who are streaming their lives as open stories over the web. All these personal narratives are unfolding by short sentences or photos…

Robert Redford: the importance of Earth Day

Article: Robert Redford: the importance of Earth Day

Image: NASA On its 39th anniversary, Earth Day still feels vital to me, but I know that some of you out there think that its time has passed. Every day should be Earth Day, you say. Choosing just one, single day to say you care about the planet we call home — what good is…

Green Porno Quiz Widget

Article: Green Porno Quiz Widget

Embed Sundance Channel’s new Green Porno Quiz Widget on your web and social networking pages and your friends will be able to discover which green porno stars they are without ever having to leave your site. Grab the widget now and start Green Pornicating!