This week's top trending videos starring a dancing soccer fan

Article: This week's top trending videos starring a dancing soccer fan

While New Yorkers have been obsessed with this week’s heat wave, Europe took a break from its economic woes with a little bit of soccer. Kicking off this week’s top trending video in the number five slot is something from the Ukraine and France match.

World leaders gather to solve econ…no, watch "football"

Article: World leaders gather to solve econ…no, watch "football"

What did you do this weekend? Well, it seems as though all of the important people in the world were either at G8 sleepover. Good times! Allegedly, the world leaders were discussing this economic pickle we still seem to be in. But, really, they were watching the Champions League final. It’s kind of like the Super Bowl of European soccer. Or, as my English husband calls it, “football”. Regardless, it came down to Chelsea (they’re from England) vs Bayern Munich (Germans, obvs.) And as you can see from British Prime Minister David Cameron’s reaction…the English won out. And they did it in a super exciting,

The mullets of Medellin

Article: The mullets of Medellin

The mullet, a hairstyle often mocked and scorned by the “East Coast liberal elite” for its “low-brow” cultural associations, is elevated to the realm of art in this portraiture photo series by Stefan Ruiz. Along with journalist Rainbow Nelson (side note: that’s a pretty sweet name!), Ruiz highlights and celebrates in “The Mullets of MedellĂ­n” the intersection of two ubiquitous aspects of Medellin culture: the stylistic pervasiveness of the mullet and the religion of soccer, starring the above subjects, held in the city’s stadium Estadio Atanasio Girardot. This presents a refreshingly updated look at a city known more for its association with Pablo Escobar, drug cartels and the related shocking violence of the 1970s through the early 1990s. Pop culture references like “Entourage” and its plot line involving a biopic of Escobar, has made it difficult for mainstream perception to move beyond the city and country’s past despite positive trends.

Shaolin soccer

Article: Shaolin soccer

A neat photo gallery of Shaolin students in a monastery in Henan Province, China playing and practicing soccer just like the way I imagine them.

Thailand's awe-inspiring soccer team

Article: Thailand's awe-inspiring soccer team

Why Spielberg hasn’t purchased the rights to the story of the Panyee FC soccer club is beyond me. Twenty-five years ago in Koh Panyee, a teensy-weensy fishing village built entirely on stilts off the coast of Thailand, a group of young boys obsessed with soccer decided to stop watching the games on TV and play it for themselves. The only problem was that Koh Panyee has no soil, no ground to speak of at all beyond the elevated wooden slats that make up the cramped little village. So the boys took a cue from their forefathers and built a soccer pitch from scratch from pieces of scrap wood nailed together atop a network of old fishing boats.

Where have all my trannies gone?

Article: Where have all my trannies gone?

Tell ‘em. (Photo by Ben Hider/Getty Images) Oh lordy. Am still dying — went to Gay Pride Parade the other day and am still reeling from the amount of sequins, Lady Gaga, bare boobs, hot pants, no pants, assless jeans and feathers! I wore my GIRLS WHO LIKE BOYS WHO LIKE BOYS tee (gotta support!…

Fabric soccer balls

Article: Fabric soccer balls

Klas Ernflo made these regulation-size soccer balls from wool fabrics. I was able to view some of them last year at Partners and Spade, Andy Spade’s art gallery-slash-store, and they were the classiest bespoke soccer balls that I’ve ever seen.

The evolution of the World Cup soccer ball

Article: The evolution of the World Cup soccer ball

The evolution of the soccer ball.

Full Frontal Fashion highlights

Article: Full Frontal Fashion highlights

Designer Karen Walker Think of this as your FULL FRONTAL FASHION cliff notes Karen Walker is as cool, sweet, clever and real as the covetable clothing she creates. Now she is telling FULL FRONTAL FASHION all about her abiding love affair with fashion… Bradford Shellhammer chats with Swedish designer Viktor Tell about global-soccer-champion tribute socks.…

Global Passions for Football and Biodiversity Harnessed for Life

Article: Global Passions for Football and Biodiversity Harnessed for Life

The world of international championship football and the world of biodiversity conservation are coming together this year in a partnership announced Wednesday by the German sport lifestyle shoe and clothing company PUMA and the United Nations Environment Programme.