Kristen Wiig's final SNL spawns thousands of online tears

Article: Kristen Wiig's final SNL spawns thousands of online tears

This past weekend on Saturday NIght Live, the show said a final goodbye to cast member Kristen Wiig. It ended on a sweet note with Kristen holding back tears as she danced with her cast members and some SNL alums. The last dance was with Lorne Michaels who whispered in her ear, “If you don’t return for another season on my show I will eat your firstborn child.” I guess her first child will be eaten by Lorne. Weird. You know who else was upset about her leaving SNL?

Dude it's cool, he's ethnic

Article: Dude it's cool, he's ethnic

You know what, stereotypes are damn funny, and so is making fun of celebrities. The difference here is that one type of humor jabs at an individual, while the other just panders to the most basic, simplest choices of social signifiers, like skin color or eyelids for a quick laugh. Never mind diet.

Then there’s the issue of authority and license, and proprietary humor, and all that jazz. We still play up stereotypes. They’re just delivered by people deemed acceptable to kid around with the material, those we’ve entrusted to re-appropriate the humor, striping much of the tension away so everyone can laugh. Thank god one of them is Fred Armisen, the Portlandia guy who does a wicked Obama impression on SNL.

Andy Samberg on CELESTE AND JESSE FOREVER, Sundance and Lana Del Rey

Article: Andy Samberg on CELESTE AND JESSE FOREVER, Sundance and Lana Del Rey

It was by all accounts a momentous occasion. Harvey Weinstein loitered in the hallway. Seth Rogen politely acknowledged some overzealous fans with his trademark chuckle. Shailene Woodley, with a gaggle of girlfriends in tow, waited patiently out in the cold to be let inside. The stars were aligned for the world premiere of CELESTE AND JESSE FOREVER on Friday evening at the Sundance Film Festival’s 1,270-seat Eccles Theater.

Directed by Lee Toland Krieger (THE VICIOUS KIND, Sundance ’09), the film follows Celeste (Rashida Jones, who co-wrote the screenplay), a branding exec, and Jesse (Andy Samberg), an unemployed artist who, after a life-long friendship and six years of marriage, decide to split and see other people. Both parties, however, struggle to close the book on their storied past and start new, separate chapters in life.

Stefon-themed Mad Libs

Article: Stefon-themed Mad Libs

One of the highlights and crowd favorites of this season’s SNL was Stefon, your local guide to New York’s hottest clubs. Stefon is played hilariously by Bill Hader, who despite his best efforts always breaks character in large part due to the writers making last-minute surprise changes to the script, as Bill explained to David Letterman. Well, for you fans, create your own club that Stefon would visit with these three Mad Libs.

Cookie Monster's SNL audition tape

Article: Cookie Monster's SNL audition tape

The Internet (and my Facebook News Feed) ate up Cookie Monster’s audition tape for SNL, which went rapidly viral. I’m sold. Lets start a Cookie Monster as SNL Host campaign.

Coming Out With SNL

Article: Coming Out With SNL

I could get all serious and talk about the recent gay suicides or NY Governor candidate Carl Paladino’s rant about gays. I could lament our loss earlier this year regarding Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (or celebrate yesterday’s victory). But instead, in honor of this past Monday, National Coming Out Day, I will just let you…

The Backlash Against Lady Gaga Has Begun!

Article: The Backlash Against Lady Gaga Has Begun!

People are turning against Lady Gaga! As someone who sings about the pitfalls of fame, the omnipresent chanteuse should have known that as a result of her own stardom, cynics would be scrunching their foreheads and declaring her unworthy of it.

The bigger she gets, the more people dredge up the nerve to declare her Lady Caca.

Hand shake

Article: Hand shake

We are halfway through summer and many of us have dedicated countless hours in the gym in the hopes of having that perfect beach body. Now if only I’d found Shake Weight sooner! At first I thought this commercial was a joke from SNL. I kept looking for Kristen Wiig. But think again. The product…