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I heart slow film

Article: I heart slow film

Recently a friend came over and cooked Kale slowly… so slowly in fact that it seemed like an eternity (maybe 2+ hours) to make a pasta that was… delicious. His wife claims that when she makes it, it’s not nearly as good because she’s impatient and cooks it fast. We talked about the “Slow Food” movement briefly… basically the mission to counteract the fast food and fast life we have today with an emphasis on local food, traditions and a focus on how food is made and how it tastes. I couldn’t help but think that maybe we need to think about film in a similar way… Could there be a slow film movement? Could we counteract the “fast” films we have today with an emphasis on films made locally, focusing on the filmmaking process and how we then experience it?

Notable Organization: Slow Food

Article: Notable Organization: Slow Food

Fast food is one of those inventions that makes America infamous. The model of fast food has gone almost everywhere by now, including vegetarian India, where a McDonald’s that does not serve meat just opened. On another note, can you really call it McDonalds if the menu lacks an entry for a Big Mac dripping…