Dig in A Little Deeper: 100 Mile Diet

Article: Dig in A Little Deeper: 100 Mile Diet

The “100 Mile Diet” is pretty much what it sounds like: you source everything you eat (or as much as possible) from within a 100 mile radius of your house, and, in many ways, it has become the poster child for eating like a TreeHugger. Because everything you eat (or, again, as much as possible)…

THE GREEN Meeting #2 Recap

Article: THE GREEN Meeting #2 Recap

Technical Difficulties Our second GREEN meeting in Second Life with Simran Sethi was held on Tuesday Night. The topic on the table that evening – “How can we green our own homes?”. The crowd was there and ready to go with questions for Simran and it was shaping up to be another informative meeting in…

Catch the GREEN Countdown Video

Article: Catch the GREEN Countdown Video

Sundance Channel celebrated the launch of THE GREEN, our weekly night of programming dedicated to the environment, with a star-studded party. The evening featured performances from Macy Gray and Lifehouse, along with a slew of celebrity interviews. We put the best snapshots from the evening into the video below. We hope you enjoy. Now that…