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Sundance Films Top 10 Sexy-FAIL Moments

Article: Sundance Films Top 10 Sexy-FAIL Moments

To count down to the Sundance Film Festival, we’re blogging about some of our favorite movie moments in the festival’s history. We’ve covered the Top 10 Lessons in Love, Top 10 Lessons in Young Love and the Top 10 Oddest Couples. This week, we’re featuring the movie moments that make you feel funny in a bad way, make you squirm in your seat, give you second-hand embarrassment or leave you holding your knees rocking back and forth saying “No” over and over.

Stan Bertheaud

Article: Stan Bertheaud

Stan Bertheaud attended the USC School of Film and Television for three years earning graduate credit in film production and screenwriting. He is credited with two theatrically released screenplays. The first, TILT-A-WORLD starred Dwight Yoakam in his first leading role that went on to receive the Gold Award at the Houston International Film Festival. The…