Reasonably dressed ladies on television

Article: Reasonably dressed ladies on television

There’s lots of things I could blame Carrie Bradshaw for. My inability to let go of my cheating ex-boyfriend, my insatiable desire to make sex puns constantly, surely you get the idea. However, the main problem I have with her is the clothes. I don’t mean this in the ‘she’s made me want to buy ugly expensive clothing’ way. I’m referring to the fact that ever since Sex and The City began airing, female television characters have started dressing… like couture clowns. More designer. More stilettos. We’ve gone from cute/hip/available at the mall Christian Dior hailing GCB. Today, I celebrate the anti-Carries and the anti-Blair Waldorfs. I’m looking for the girls who look like they shop at Filene’s Basement. The kinds of ladies who can find an awesome piece at a good price. Here, I present the most reasonably dressed female characters in television:

Fran Drescher's gay ex-husband has a show!

Article: Fran Drescher's gay ex-husband has a show!

Happily Divorced couldn’t ask for a better lead-in. It premieres on TV Land on June 15 directly after Hot in Cleveland, the biggest phenomenon to hit the upper part of the cable box since Half-Ton Teen.

It also has a pretty hot premise: Fran Drescher plays a florist whose 18-year marriage ends when her husband (John Michael Higgins) announces, “Yep, I’m gay”—and for various reasons, they continue living together anyway!

What’s more, the show is loosely based on Drescher’s own experience. In fact, Drescher co-writes it with Peter Marc Jacobson, who happens to be her real-life gay ex-husband.

There are just two problems with the show, based on my viewing of the pilot: (A) Betty White isn’t in it. (B) It’s not that funny.