Simon Curtis

An interview with Simon Curtis

Article: An interview with Simon Curtis

While in LA I chatted with Simon Curtis, who I featured on SUNfiltered a little while back.

Simon, you’re everywhere all of a sudden. Where did you come from?
Well, technically I was born in Michigan and raised in Oklahoma, but I think you mean career-wise, ha. I started performing in musical theater and opera when I was 10, moved to LA right after graduating, starred in a Nickelodeon movie musical two years later and did some other television work, and wrote and co-produced my first album back in October which was just released three weeks ago for free online. Quite a run-on sentence there, but it about sums it all up!

Simon Curtis' 8-bit Heart

Article: Simon Curtis' 8-bit Heart

I have been known to rock a Kanye-like Lego heart brooch and wear black plastic framed glasses. So it is no wonder why I am digging Simon Curtis and his look. He’s a pop singer who is giving away his debut album. Yes, you read that right. His album is free. His visual is great,…