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The silent treatment

Article: The silent treatment

A scene from Ernst Lubitsch’s “So This is Paris,” of which only 10 minutes of films remains.
MoMA has been running a phenomenal program of silent films for the last two years, giving audiences a comprehensive look at the birth of cinema. But in case you missed out on two years of investigating the careers of the era’s most innovative directors, MoMA has put together a ‘best of’ before they switch over to talkies.

Mary Pickford: Her Second Hundred Years in Film

Article: Mary Pickford: Her Second Hundred Years in Film

By this time a century ago Mary Pickford entered the second year of her career with 100 pictures already under her belt. In the 10 years that followed she made over 100 more and co-founded United Artists along with D.W. Griffiths, Charlie Chaplin and Douglas Fairbanks. She was granted full authority over any production she…