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Funny short film about a couple resigned to their Zodiac Killer fate

Article: Funny short film about a couple resigned to their Zodiac Killer fate

Something Left, Something Taken- Full Version from Tiny Inventions on Vimeo. Max Porter, a regular reader of our SUNfiltered blog and one half of the talented married duo behind Tiny Inventions (a Brooklyn-based animation firm), wrote in to share a funny independent short film he created with his wife Ru Kuwahata. SOMETHING LEFT, SOMETHING TAKEN…

Short film: street art seeks romance

Article: Short film: street art seeks romance

Gabriel Psaltakis created and directed this sweet and funny short Greek film titled THE GIRL ON THE WALL. Mixing live action with stop-motion animation, a bored office man helps a love-struck street art character woo a disinterested girl across the street.



I was just recently enlightened of this short animated film that portrays “the final minutes of a society of vocal bubblewrap as it faces its apocalypse.” Created and voiced by Arthur Metcalf, FANTAISIE IN BUBBLEWRAP was his first film ever and it ended up picking up quite a few awards at various film festivals. This…

Stop-motion Mario

Article: Stop-motion Mario

A Japanese student combined two of the Internet’s favorite things, stop motion animation and Mario, in this video. What makes this even more impressive is that everything was created with just sticky notes and a whole lot of time. According to the Google translation of this Japanese website, it took him about 2 weeks to…

Carl Burgess' Tales of the Unexpected

Article: Carl Burgess' Tales of the Unexpected

Tales of the Unexpected from More Soon on Vimeo. Carl Burgess created this strangely captivating short film titled “Tales of the Unexpected” on commission from a store in Denmark. The video is like acid kaleidoscope on fast forward. Just when you think you grasp and understand what image you are seeing, it quickly shifts, expands,…



NATURE BY NUMBERS is a short film by CristĂłbal Vila, which is “inspired on numbers, geometry and nature.” It’s mesmerizing visualization of mathematical concepts and how their patterns are revealed in nature. Relatedly, earlier this spring, the New York Times published a neat online series by Steven Strogatz, a professor of applied mathematics at Cornell…

Skateboard animation

Article: Skateboard animation

Skateboardanimation from Tilles Singer on Vimeo. Tilles Singer created this brilliant little short film that combines stop-motion with a paper craft aesthetic to produce a wonderful style and effect, which I’m sure will be aped in car commercials attempting to market to a “hip” audience. Singer succinctly explains that this took “a ton of digital…

Short film: PLAY

Article: Short film: PLAY

Without giving away too much, David Kaplan and Eric Zimmerman’s splashy PLAY envisions a society in which a gaming singularity is achieved where technology has advanced to permit portable yet fully immersive virtual realities in which the line between “video games” and reality is blurred to the point of nonrecognition. Things quickly spiral into a…



Memoirs of a Scanner (Pillows Edition) from Damon Stea on Vimeo. USC film student Damon Stea made this funny short film MEMOIRS OF A SCANNER which depicts the antics of a typical company’s office through the lens of their scanner. This short, which picks up around the 0:25 mark, was fittingly shot entirely on a…

Stop motion video: T-shirt war!

Article: Stop motion video: T-shirt war!

This video combines two of my favorite things: No, not raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, although those are pretty awesome. I’m talking about stop-motion video and t-shirts! This video by Rhett and Link depicts a battle between two guys and their t-shirt armament in nothing but stop-motion glory!


Article: Pes, KABOOM!

Boing Boing surfaced this impressive colorful stop-motion video KABOOM! from the popular artist PES (previously mentioned here). There’s a disconnect in the experience between the artist’s repurposing of common innocuous items into weapons of war.

Stop-motion: VIDEOGIOCO

Article: Stop-motion: VIDEOGIOCO

videogioco-loop experiment from donato sansone on Vimeo. Utilizing a similar technique to the previously posted Parkour paper-and-ink stop-motion video that I previously posted, “VIDEOGIOCO” by Milky Eyes depicts a slightly-NSFW, yet hilarious and surreal fight in this must-watch short film. [Via]

Short film: HEART

Article: Short film: HEART

heart from laurent clermont on Vimeo. A lonely heart roams the urban cityscape looking for some companionship in this sweet and short film by Laurent Clermont. It’ll warm even the heart of the biggest cynic and grouch out there.

What's your secret?

Article: What's your secret?

PostSecret: Confessions on Life, Death and God from Frank Warren on Vimeo. Frank Warren created the popular website Post Secret where people could anonymously submit their secrets on a 4 by 6 inch postcard. In this short film Warren asks strangers to reveal a secret on camera.

Tilt-shift Hulkmania

Article: Tilt-shift Hulkmania

Hulkamania from Keith Loutit on Vimeo. Keith Loutit (previously) is back with another terrific tilt-shift video from a Hulkmania wrestling tour featuring Hulk Hogan and Rick Flair fighting to the music of The Wolverines, “Hip Square Dance.”

DOCK ELLIS & THE LSD NO-NO by James Blagden

Article: DOCK ELLIS & THE LSD NO-NO by James Blagden

Brooklyn artist James Blagden created a terrific short film that animates former major league pitcher Dock Ellis’ entertaining narration of his infamous no-hitter for the Pittsburgh Pirates against the San Diego Padres in 1970 while he was “high as a Georgia pie,” or specifically under the influence of LSD. After retiring, he later worked as…

Interview with the creators of THE CAPTIVE

Article: Interview with the creators of THE CAPTIVE

Sundance Channel recently sat down for an interview with Karin Diann Williams & Stuart Hynson Culpepper, creators of THE CAPTIVE. Watch THE CAPTIVE now at Sundance Channel Digital Shorts.

What was the inspiration for The Captive?

Karin: Believe it or not, we started with just the idea that we wanted to make a web series. We had an inkling that the microseries was about to find its audience and really explode as a popular form.

Stuart: We saw all the activity blossoming on YouTube and sites like it and knew a huge audience was there and they were wanting something beyond the user-generated content, something thoughtful and well produced. So we took the plunge. Part of the idea for the themes and action in The Captive came from studying the kind of person we thought were going to engage: someone fairly tech literate and independent in their thinking.


Article: Muzorama

Muzorma “is a short 3D animation film based on the universe of french illustrator Muzo,” and is surrealist mayhem at its finest. There are a lot of more light-hearted moments, such as the snail bike, that made me chuckle. However, keep watching until the very end, where the film concludes on a slightly creepy note.…

All the right stuff for a lonely bear

Article: All the right stuff for a lonely bear

While masses of hipsters, indie music fans, and even the HOVA hisself Jay-Z and Beyonce crowded into Williamsburg, Brooklyn to hear the Grizzly Bears perform live on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon this past weekend, another bear lives a decidedly less glamorous lifestyle as explored in the short film AND EVERYTHING WAS ALRIGHT. This film is…

Will Hoffman's MOMENTS

Article: Will Hoffman's MOMENTS

Will Hoffman’s short film MOMENTS juxtaposes and stitches together isolated moments of everyone’s life into something more meaningful where the whole of all those experiences is greater than the sum of the individual parts. This film definitely sums up how I felt when I took my first bite the other day into a burrito bowl…

Malcolm Sutherland, THE ASTRONOMER'S DREAM

Article: Malcolm Sutherland, THE ASTRONOMER'S DREAM

The Astronomer’s Dream (2009) from Animalcolm on Vimeo. Malcolm Sutherland’s latest animated short, THE ASTRONOMER’S DREAM is a trippy whimsical space odyssey with a unique art style. When a hungry astronomer falls asleep while working on a problem, he discovers a solution not in outer space, but in the surreal food-chain of his subconscious mind.…

Movie created using only iPhone

Article: Movie created using only iPhone

THE FIFTY FOUR is a short little film created by Richard Hernandez entirely on his iPhone. He gave himself fifty four days to shoot fifty four images with his iPhone during his daily commute on the 54 bus in Oakland for this project. The Fifty Four from richard hernandez on Vimeo.

THE LEMON TREE by William Campbell

Article: THE LEMON TREE by William Campbell

The Lemon Tree from William Campbell on Vimeo. An eerie short film created by William Campbell filled with visual effect eye candy. He explains: The Lemon Tree is a short experimental narrative. It addresses our constant hunt for perfection. The closer we think we are the more distorted our memory of it becomes.

GARY, a short animated film

Article: GARY, a short animated film

An animated French short by by Clément Soulmagnon, Yann Benedi, Sébastien Eballard & Quentin Chaillet with a kind of wonderful and magical story. Gary from Gary on Vimeo.

Short film: Your life in 42 seconds

Article: Short film: Your life in 42 seconds

This lovely short, LAST DAY DREAM, takes 42 seconds to explore one man’s entire life through his own eyes. The film was written and directed by Chris Milk for the 42 Second Dream Film Festival in Beijing. Last Day Dream [HD] from Chris Milk on Vimeo. Full credits are on the Vimeo page. [via Daring…