SFF 2008

Made In Utah

Article: Made In Utah

While many of the festival’s films were developed at the Sundance Labs (like Alex Rivera’s THE SLEEP DEALER) in Sundance, UT, other films are even more local, having been shot in the state or made by locals. Salt Lake City Tribune’s article “Sundance: Utah under the lens” [www.sltrib.com] highlights the local films at this year’s festival. Parts of Ari Gold’s “Park City at Midnight” adventure ADVENTURES OF POWER [www.adventuresofpower.com] were shot in various Utah towns. And then there are a variety of local heroes who hail from the state. The most obvious is Amy Redford – here with her debut feature THE GUITAR…

5 Things For Short Filmmakers To Know Coming To Sundance

Article: 5 Things For Short Filmmakers To Know Coming To Sundance

Last year Ian Olds was here at Sundance with his short narrative film BOMB, which was anything but.

1) Watch movies. It seems obvious, but it’s not. If you don’t make this a priority you could find yourself going mad on the quixotic quest to meet that one person who will magically grant you a career.

2) If one of your goals is to meet with agents and managers, don’t expect any of them to come to your screenings. Get copies of your movie to whoever wants to see it, preferably before the festival even begins, and if someone responds to your work you can use the festival week to meet face to face.

Indymogul@sundance: David Wain And Jason Kohn

Article: Indymogul@sundance: David Wain And Jason Kohn

Indy Mogul has arrived at the Sundance Film Festival and are taking no prisoners! Erik and Justin get inside an exclusive Microsoft party, talk to comedian/director David Wain about his online projects and chat with 2007 Grand Jury prize winner Jason Kohn about his start in filmmaking. If a picture is worth a thousand words,…

People Who Need People: Bio Docs At The Fest

Article: People Who Need People: Bio Docs At The Fest

“I guess, I’m a people person,” jokes Marina Zenovich trying to explain why she makes films that focus on complex, fascinating individuals. Her documentary ROMAN POLANSKI: WANTED AND DESIRED [www.sundance.org] is not exactly a bio-doc, but rather an attempt to understand a particular historical moment, in this case, the 1977 arrest of Polanski for sexual assault, and his subsequent flight from the United States…

Unlimited Resources?

Article: Unlimited Resources?

For 25 minutes on Friday night, the lights of Park City’s main street went out. A circuit breaker problem sent nearly 1,400 people out of downtown restaurants, bars, parties and boutiques into the already crowded street. People used the glow of their cell phones and blackberries to navigate their way through dark hallways and back stair wells. In the end, the power came back up – neon bar lights went aglow, stereo speakers refilled with music, and the party went on. And while no filmmakers were hurt during the making of this power outage, the incident provided a reminder of how easily our energy comes – and goes…

Sundance En Espanol

Article: Sundance En Espanol

Today, the Sundance Institute announced the events that are part of Sundance en Espanol, a celebration of Latin films and filmmakers participating in the Sundance Film Festival, January 17-27, 2008. This event features a collection of six Spanish Language films and four films in English by Hispanic and Latino directors, selected from the Festival program to screen in Salt Lake City on the evening of Wednesday, January 23, 2008. Each film was selected by the Festival’s programming team and reflects a variety of Spanish speaking cultures, from the indigenous Kuna Yala peoples of Panama to teens in Peru and struggling lovers in Mexico, seeking a better life. Sundance en Espanol celebrates independent films that speak to the diverse Latino communities, here in Utah,” says Jill Miller, Managing Director, Sundance Institute. “We chose films that range in place, voice and emotion, so our local community has a chance to enjoy some of the best offerings of the festival.”

The Truth About Truth

Article: The Truth About Truth

The truth is that non-fiction film is the hot item so far this year. Year by year, documentaries have become more visible, discussed and more attractive to buyers. Coming into this year’s festival, much of the business buzz has been about documentaries. Before the Festival had even kicked off, Zeitgeist Films [www.zeitgeistfilms] had picked up Yung Chang’s political travelogue, UP THE YANGTZE [uptheyangtze.com], in which a poor Chinese girl is hired to work on a luxury cruise with the famed and controversial Three Gorges Dam in the background. Zeitgeist co-president Nancy Gerstman emphasizes the film’s “compassion and dark humor” as among its selling – and in their case buying – points.

13 Ways Of Looking At Sundance

Article: 13 Ways Of Looking At Sundance

While everyone talks about the Sundance Film Festival, anyone who has been here quickly realizes that there are many festivals, or, at least, many ways of looking at it.

Just as Wallace Stevens found “Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird [www.writing.upenn.edu],” here are 13 perspectives on the festival.

Creative Producing Initiative

Article: Creative Producing Initiative

Sundance Institute today announced the Sundance Creative Producing Initiative, a new Fellowship program for emerging American independent producers. The announcement was made today during the Producers Lunch at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. Veteran film producer Paul Mezey (MARIA FULL OF GRACE, SUGAR) gave the keynote address at the event which was attended by more than 150 independent producers.

Live From Cyberspace

Article: Live From Cyberspace

Filmmaker Michel Gondry is back at Sundance with his latest romp BE KIND, REWIND [www.bekindmovie.com]. In it, a video store dude (Jack Black), who, after he accidentally erases the store’s merchandise, decides to remake all the lost films on video. Gondry, who has taken his DIY aesthetic to sublime places, is endorsing others video imagination this week. While at Sundance, he will be curating YouTube [www.youtube.com] videos all week.

Five Things To Know About Sundance: Craig Zobel

Article: Five Things To Know About Sundance: Craig Zobel

Craig Zobel premiered his southern comedy of music and fraud THE GREAT WORLD OF SOUND [www.greatworldofsound.com] at last year’s Sundance Film Festival to much acclaim. He’d been working in film and media for years — co-producing David Gordon Green’s debut feature GEORGE WASHINGTON and co-created the cartoon website Homestar Runner — but last year was his Sundance debut. His hard work was acknowledged by the Gotham Awards this fall when he was named the 2007 Breakthrough Director. His film is currently in limited distribution through Magnolia Pictures [www.magpictures.com] and will be available on DVD in February.

Craig was kind enough to tell us five things you should know before coming to Sundance.

Opening Night Swearing In

Article: Opening Night Swearing In

IN BRUGES, the opening night film for this year’s Sundance Film Festival, played to two packed houses at the Eccles Theater last night. In some ways, a film made by the Irish playwright Martin McDonagh about hit men in an old Belgium town might seem to set an incongruous note for America’s premier independent film festival. But the rough and tumble play of blazing guns, high-swearing dialogue and squirting blood pays a worthy tribute to how Sundance and its filmmakers — such as, indie action directors like Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino – have influenced global culture.

2008 Sundance Film Festival Opens

Article: 2008 Sundance Film Festival Opens

The 2008 Sundance Film Festival gets underway tonight at the Eccles Theatre with the Opening Night film, the world premiere of IN BRUGES, written and directed by first-time feature filmmaker and award-winning playwright, Martin McDonagh. With an international cast starring Ralph Fiennes, Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson, IN BRUGES tells the suspenseful, twisted tale of two London hit men ordered to take a forced vacation in Bruges, Belgium, and how their subsequent time in exile goes awry.

Festival Adds World Premiere Of Hamlet 2

Article: Festival Adds World Premiere Of Hamlet 2

Sundance Institute announced today the addition of HAMLET 2 to the filmsscreening at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival in the out-of- ompetition Premieres section. HAMLET 2 will have its world premiere on Monday, January 21, with subsequent screenings scheduled for Thursday, January 24 and Friday, January 25. The 2008 Sundance Film Festival runs January 17-27, 2008 in Park City, Salt Lake City, Ogden, and Sundance, Utah.

Ascap Celebrates 10 Years Of The Festival Music Cafe

Article: Ascap Celebrates 10 Years Of The Festival Music Cafe

Featured Artists this year include Patti Smith, Tim Finn, Sea Wolf, Peter & Gordon, John Rzeznik, Ingrid Michaelson, WALK HARD songwriters Mike Viola and Dan Bern, and more<br><br>New York, NY January 7, 2008: The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) is pleased to announce the artist line-up for the Music Cafe at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.

Festival Announces Jury Members

Article: Festival Announces Jury Members

he 2008 Sundance Film Festival announced today the members of the six juries awarding prizes at the Festival, which runs January 17-27, 2008 in Park City, Salt Lake City, Ogden and Sundance, Utah. The juries collectively are comprised of twenty-four individuals from the global film community, each of whom brings unique perspective and range of experience. Award winning directors, screenwriters, actors and cinematographers in the Competition categories will be announced on the evening of January 26 at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival Awards Ceremony at the Park City Racquet Club.

Update: Sweet Mud

Article: Update: Sweet Mud

UPDATE: SWEET MUD gives a captivating look into close knit communities in Israel and how rigid life was in the 1970s. Read more info about this film and discover why Hollywood Reporter says: “This is a film from the heart, from a firsthand familiarity that yields conflicted emotions over the gap between an ideal and its realization.”

Update: With A Bullet: Documentary Jury Winner Jason Kohn

Article: Update: With A Bullet: Documentary Jury Winner Jason Kohn

UPDATE: Manda Bala is a superbly-composed and riveting look at kidnapping and corruption in Brazil. It made its theatrical debut on Friday, August 17 at the Angelika Film Center in New York, with nationwide releases leading through November.

Update: Something Queer This Year

Article: Update: Something Queer This Year

UPDATE: Theatrically released in Autumn from Roadside Attractions, SAVE ME tells the touching story of two gay lovers set within an ex-gay ministry in the Southwestern United States.

Update: The Missing Director: Adrienne Shelly

Article: Update: The Missing Director: Adrienne Shelly

UPDATE: The last tale from talented and late Adrienne Shelley, THE WAITRESS, was recently released on DVD after selected theater theatrical release earlier in 2007. A touching story of love in a comically busy world of three waitresses trying to make ends meet.

Update: Truth In Cinema: Docs At Sundance

Article: Update: Truth In Cinema: Docs At Sundance

UPDATE: Brett Morgan’s Chicago 10 will be coming out in select theaters soon, catch up on more info about the film here [www.participantproductions.com].

Update: More Done Deals

Article: Update: More Done Deals

UPDATE: This runaway hit from Sundance Film Festival, SON OF RAMBOW, went on to the Milwaukee Film Festival and will be coming out on DVD soon. The story of two young kids who think of themselves as the “sons of Rambo(w)”. About youth, imagination and the troubles of a challenging childhood.

2008 Sundance Film Festival Launches Online Store In Time For Holidays

Article: 2008 Sundance Film Festival Launches Online Store In Time For Holidays

Sundance Institute announced today the launch of the 2008 Sundance Film Festival online store, featuring a new line of Festival-related merchandise. A wide selection of clothing and accessories is available for purchase at www.sundance.org/festival [www.sundance.org]. All proceeds stay within the non-profit Sundance Institute, helping to support the Institute’s year-round programs, such as the Directors’ Labs, Screenwriter Labs, and Film Music Composer Labs.

Festival Shorts Online

Article: Festival Shorts Online

Sundance Institute announced today the program of short films selected to screen at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival. This year the Festival Short Film Program comprises 83 short films representing 17 countries from 5,107 submissions, from U.S. and international filmmakers. Submissions grew by more than 15% over last year. The 2008 Sundance Film Festival runs January 17-27 with screenings in Park City, Salt Lake City, Ogden, and Sundance, Utah.

Festival Announces Dramatic Shorts

Article: Festival Announces Dramatic Shorts

This year’s short films reinforce the genre as one which represents creativity and technological innovation. These films are diverse and eclectic, straying from the norms of creative film production. The 41 U.S. shorts include a collection of films that grapple with dystopia and disenfranchisement as well as a psychedelic opera and a prison beauty pageant.