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10 things a grown woman should never have

Article: 10 things a grown woman should never have

A poster of Robert Doisneau’s “Le baiser de l’hôtel de ville” from

The Men’s Health article 18 Things a Grown Man Should Never Have made us think we should have dated more Men’s Health readers back in our single days. (“10. A name for his penis. Even if it’s a really clever name. … 13. A futon. Sure, beds are for sleeping. But such a meager, slouchy spread has never, in the history of sex, inspired a woman to say, ‘Take me on your futon.’ … 14. Code words for ugly women. Actually, code words for anything.”) It also got us thinking about the sort of things a grown woman should never have…

Three cheers for elastomer!

Article: Three cheers for elastomer!

photo by Alejandro Hernandez

In case you hadn’t noticed, we tend to rant and rave a lot about what you shouldn’t put in your body. And we’re not just talking about taking unwrapped candy from strangers. No, we’re talking about sex toys, too. As consumers, we’re responsible for educating ourselves about what we stick where the sun don’t shine — ’cause the manufacturers just trying to make a buck sure aren’t going to inform us. When we rant and rave, we lavish particular scorn on phthalates, which are an ingredient in jelly rubber, unstable vinyl (a.k.a. PVC), and other soft plastics — and, by the way, potentially carcinogenic. Okay, fine: you get it. The world is full of toxic sex toys and sitting on a dildo just isn’t the fun, harmless, innocent activity people used to think it was. So what should you put in your body?

Hot and steamy: the Steampunk Vibrator

Article: Hot and steamy: the Steampunk Vibrator

While most sex toy designers are striving to make their toys as technology advanced as possible, Ani Niow decided to take a different tack: rather that equipping her concept vibrator with a bunch of computerized bells and whistles, she decided to create something as simple as possible, developing a vibrator that could have been made…

Nothing says class like a beautiful glass dildo

Article: Nothing says class like a beautiful glass dildo

Celebrating a special occasion with your significant other, and need a set of toys to fit the mood? When even your best silicone toys won’t do, consider these finely crafted glass dildos, perched atop their very own champagne stems. We hear they go great with Prosecco. (Alas, these aren’t actually for sale… yet, at least.…

Sex sells…anything

Article: Sex sells…anything

Pubic hair dinner plate by Ana Mir This collection of 32 unnecessarily naughty products proves that any product you can possibly think of can be made X-rated. We understand the market for gimmicky bachelor and bachelorette party favors, but sexy stained glass and cookie jars? Now that’s just plain wrong. Is nothing sacred anymore? And…

Kill your toxic vibrator today

Article: Kill your toxic vibrator today

photo: Little Chromas by Jimmyjane In honor of Earth Day, high-end sex toy creator Jimmyjane is asking you to kill your toxic vibe: post of photo or a description on their Facebook page by next Wed, April 29th, of what they’re calling a “decommissioning ceremony” of any crap sex toy you may have (i.e. it’s…

Tantus is a Titan among sex toys

Article: Tantus is a Titan among sex toys

photo: Delta Vibrator from Tantus We’re big proponents of high quality sex toys made from body-safe materials, which is why we’ve always been big fans of Tantus — they’re a relatively small American manufacturer of 100% medical grade silicone toys. They recently sent out this training video to their retailers in order to help sales…

The island of misfit toys

Article: The island of misfit toys

photo by: hyperscholar When it comes to breaking up with an old, used, or dysfunctional sex toy, dumping it at the dump isn’t the most environmentally friendly thing you can do. A lot of toys are made of plastics and PVC, which never really go away, so tossing it (and its batteries) in your trash-can,…