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LELO reinvents the rabbit.

Article: LELO reinvents the rabbit.

The dual action–or “rabbit” vibrator–is probably one of the best known sex toys on the market. It’s also one of the most overrated. Most rabbit vibrators are cheaply made, using toxic materials, and running on weak motors that give out long before you’re done with them. But one company is about to change all that.…

Give your sex toy a new life… as a door stopper

Article: Give your sex toy a new life… as a door stopper

Sometimes a girl (or boy) really can have too many toys–sex toys, that is. If your toy chest is overflowing with products you’ve no time to use, check out this inspirational page full of ideas for repurposed toys. Turn that buttplug into a door stopper, or use it to stop up your leaky sink. And…

Highly Evolved Sex Toys

Article: Highly Evolved Sex Toys

Historically, sex toys haven’t been known for their beautiful design (unless you’re partial to jelly rubber and molded plastic genitals)—but over the past few years, that’s begun to change. One company that’s been leading the charge for sex toys that are both beautiful to look at and fun to use is Lelo, a Sweden-based operation…