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Al Qaeda Wants to Party with McCain

Article: Al Qaeda Wants to Party with McCain

One of the more annoying myths in the Republican lexicon was the claim that “al Qaeda wants the Democrats to win so they’ll surrender.” The meme first showed up in the 2002 mid-term election and peaked in 2004 with the bin Laden “October Surprise” video, before being met with diminishing returns in 2006. At its…


Article: Hatitics

At a rally in Ohio today, Barack Obama responded to the attacks recently launched by John McCain and running mate Sarah Palin, whose aggressive messages has been picked up by the crowds at their rallies. Today Obama commented on his opponent’s tactic: “It’s easy to rile up a crowd,” he said. “Nothing’s easier than riling…

A Question of Character

Article: A Question of Character

A-List conservative wingnut columnist Charles Krauthammer in today’s Washington Post []: “Convicted felon Tony Rezko. Unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers. And the race-baiting Rev. Jeremiah Wright. It is hard to think of any presidential candidate before Barack Obama sporting associations with three more execrable characters. Yet let the McCain campaign raise the issue, and the mainstream…