The art of the LEGO brick

Article: The art of the LEGO brick

New York-based artist Nathan Sawaya takes LEGO bricks, the building block of our youth, and creates sculptures that evoke a slightly uncanny or eerie emotion.

Epic 2010 Armory Show photo recap

Article: Epic 2010 Armory Show photo recap

Last week fellow SUNfiltered blogger Perrin Drumm did a nice write up on The Armory Show, “one of the most important fine art fairs in the world” which ended this past Sunday. I went with a friend over the weekend and while roaming through the various galleries booths and enjoying my (nine dollar!) Coors Light, I took photos of the pieces that caught our eyes. A lot of today’s contemporary art simultaneously frustrates and stimulates me, because some seem so heavy handed and derivative, especially trompe l’oeil sculptures and Jenny Holzer-esque pieces, and yet it is these that I’m most drawn towards and excited by. This annual art fair is where these contradicting emotions most manifest (See last year’s photo recap here – Part 1 and 2).

View (Warning: A LOT) more photos after the jump (I’d like to caveat that pictures don’t do justice for most of the art there).

Simone Racheli's muscular objects

Article: Simone Racheli's muscular objects

Artist Simone Racheli gives a new meaning to the term “raw material” with these objects stripped of their “skin.” It wouldn’t be creepy at all to have these around your apartment.


James Hopkins

Article: James Hopkins

There is not a single piece in UK artist James Hopkins’ portfolio of often amusing sculptures that I did not like. It was really tough to highlight a single one because they all seemed so blogworthy, but the Internet, especially the design community seems to love anything skull related, so check out this piece titled…