Through the eye of a needle

Article: Through the eye of a needle

Getting perspective: One of Wigan’s sculptures next to a fly

Willard Wigan is a microsculptor, meaning his sculptures are so small they can only be seen through a microscope. To get a sense of what this actually means, look at a needle. It’s hard enough for most people to thread one, let alone use it as the site for art. To get faithful representations of his subjects (which, in the past, have included Bart and Homer Simpson, Marilyn Monroe, and Henry XIII flanked by all his wives, each of whom have enough room to do jumping jacks) to fit in the eye of a needle, Wigan usually works at night when there are fewer distractions so he can enter a state in which he can lower his heart rate enough to work between pulses.

THE GREEN Meeting #8 Recap

Article: THE GREEN Meeting #8 Recap

Simran Green Meeting The Green Meeting was full of curiosity and Simran’s poignant answers. The usual, and happily welcomed, group of environmentally inclined Second Life avatars were in attendance. We hope everyone had a great time and look forward to the next chance to regale your heart with environmental goodness and to put a smile…