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Hurts so good

Article: Hurts so good

Hurts is the band that is taking Europe by storm and you’ve probably never heard of them. In traditional music industry fashion, we here in the US are kept out of the loop of emerging bands. Don’t worry, Hurts will eventually get here, since the conquer the rest of the world. The album Happiness is this year’s best.

Scissor Sisters "News" broadcast from US tour

Article: Scissor Sisters "News" broadcast from US tour

Scissor Sisters are in the middle of the US leg of their tour to support their new album, Night Work, so Scissor Sisters News just released this update: Katy Perry Watches Adam Lambert Make Out with [lead singer] Jake Shears. Check it out to see the silly backstage shenanigans and get some serious kissing tips…

Scissor Sisters' Any Which Way

Article: Scissor Sisters' Any Which Way

Scissor Sisters‘ new video for the song “Any Which Way” is a welcome return to flamboyant form for the NYC quartet. Their new album, Night Work, is sinister and sticky, a great party record. Not taking themselves too seriously and returning to the imagery of their NYC club roots, this video, shot by Ace Norton,…

Scissor Sisters' Invisible Light

Article: Scissor Sisters' Invisible Light

A few weeks back I wrote about the Scissor Sisters’ show at Bowery Ballroom here in Manhattan. The super-gay band of misfits have announced their upcoming album and have debuted a track from it, “Invisible Light.” The album Night Work is not out until the end of June, but I am jonesing hard for it…

Scissor Sisters return

Article: Scissor Sisters return

The gayest band in the world, Scissor Sisters, are heading back into the spotlight. You may ask, Bradford, how can you call Scissor Sisters the gayest band in the world? Hmm. Let’s see. Disco cover of Pink Floyd. Collaborations with Andy Bell of Erasure, Pete Burns, Kylie Minogue, and Elton John. They got their start…

Gay for dummies: bears

Article: Gay for dummies: bears

In an effort to educate the straight masses and promote the gay agenda across as many platforms as possible today, we debut a new feature for the month of June, Gay Pride month: Gay for Dummies. This is the 2nd installment.