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The Internet remembers Ray Bradbury

Article: The Internet remembers Ray Bradbury


And he saw that it was good

Article: And he saw that it was good

In 1984 Arthur C Clarke, the science fiction author who wrote most notably 2001: Space Odyssey, submitted a pithy short story titled “siseneG” to Analog magazine with a cover letter explaining “This is the only short story I’ve written in ten years or so. I think you’ll agree that they don’t come much shorter.” As…

Spielberg approves of pending robot apocalypse

Article: Spielberg approves of pending robot apocalypse

Why, Steven? WHY?

Remember our post about IBM’s latest supercomputer, Watson, who (or is it which?) will be competing on Jeopardy? Not to be out done, Microsoft announced at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo their latest achievement-to-be : Project Natal. Project Natal aims to be a “controller-free gaming and entertainment experience,” hopefully making the XBox 360 and gaming overall more approachable.

While the prospect of a more immersive entertainment experience is highly appealing to many, this new chapter in technology is opening new doors for human interaction with artificial intelligence that were only possible in science fiction films such as Steven Spielberg’s A.I. Developed for years at Lionhead Studios under the pseudonym The Dimitri Project, Milo is a new brand of AI that totally blew every attendee at E3 away.

Learn more about Milo and Spielberg’s thoughts on Project Natal and how it relates to technological advancement…

Harlan Ellison: Who is He and Why Should We Care?

Article: Harlan Ellison: Who is He and Why Should We Care?

Harlan Ellison is easily agitated. You can’t really be sure of what will set him off on a tirade – but you can be sure that his reasoning will be sound.

So we will introduce him as a writer/author – and occasional hell raiser. Hopefully that cautious and broad intro will not incite a verbal attack from him. To the literati, Harlan Ellison is the author and/or editor of countless, much lauded short stories, novels, novellas and anthologies. To the couch-potato clickers of the world, Harlan Ellison matters to you because he served as creative consultant for the 1980′s version of The Twilight Zone, as conceptual consultant for Babylon 5 in the 1990′s and wrote one of the most popular episodes of Star Trek (The City on the Edge of Forever) among his vast body of television credits.

Star Trek singularity

Article: Star Trek singularity

Sundance Channel may not normally be in the habit of talking about mainstream summer blockbusters, but often there are interesting threads on the fringes that grow out of these pop culture behemoths.

Take Artie Vierkant, who stitched together all episodes of Star Trek Voyager into a grid in a single sped up video. Unlike most science fiction or space adventure shows, Vierkant’s clip does at least one thing right: There is no sound in space!

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Duncan Jones's indie MOON looks like excellent sci-fi

Article: Duncan Jones's indie MOON looks like excellent sci-fi

The movie site has the excellent new trailer for MOON, an indie sci-fi film that debuted at the Sundance Film Festival and hits theaters, in limited release, on June 12. Starring Sam Rockwell as a solitary astronaut preparing to head home after a three-year stint on the moon, the film appears to be a…