Sailing the Hudson with adventurer Reid Stowe

Article: Sailing the Hudson with adventurer Reid Stowe

Photo from New York Magazine
Within the first ten minutes of boarding the Anne, Reid Stowe’s hand-built, 70-foot-long gaff-rigged schooner, he’s telling me about the tantric exercises he first practiced in his early twenties, while traveling between four continents on his first boat, a hand-built catamaran. “I channelled my sexual energy into spiritual energy,” he said. Just how does one do that? “You don’t ejaculate,’” he said. “You keep it all in.” He brings it up for a legit reason (though I’d wager Reid could wax tantric without prompting). We’re talking about how even though he has a literary agent no one will publish his book. “That might be kind of a tough sell,” I said, trying to reason with him. “You know, to men – to not ejaculate.” He comes right back with, “Not if they see how it helped me.”