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5 shockumentaries to scare yourself awake

Article: 5 shockumentaries to scare yourself awake

Are you ready to get spooked? Whether you’re trick or treating for Halloween or staying home with the lights off and a bowl of popcorn, few things are quite as delightful at this time of year as getting scared silly–especially with a friend to grab on to during the freakiest parts. When it comes to films bound to make you flip your wig, we favor the shockumentary, and we mixed up quite an assortment for you; we dare you to sleep with the lights off after watching THE POSSESSION OF DAVID O’REILLY, airing at 2 AM on Halloween morning (set your DVR).

Being a housewife is scary! JU-ON and PARANOMAL ACTIVITY prove it

Article: Being a housewife is scary! JU-ON and PARANOMAL ACTIVITY prove it

With Halloween right around the corner, there’s a plethora of scary movies to choose from here on Sundance Channel, including JU-ON tonight at midnight. In this chilly offering from Japan (seriously, Japanese filmmakers know how to give you the willies!), the death of a housewife creates a gift that keeps on giving in the form of a curse that won’t let go once it grabs on. It was terrifying enough that it was later remade as THE GRUDGE with Sarah Michelle Gellar in the leading role for U.S. audiences. But those are far from the only films where housewives make enticing victims…

Movie trailer roundup: Out of control super teens & a scare from the Sundance fest

Article: Movie trailer roundup: Out of control super teens & a scare from the Sundance fest

Okay, it may not be the most original approach, but this week I rounded up a bunch of scary movie trailers because hey, it’s Halloween and everyone’s talking about it. Too much, in fact. None of my friends have kids yet – the only excusable reason for an adult to get amped up it – and yet many are inexplicably entranced by the holiday. Luckily, no one’s asked me what I’m going as, maybe because my friends all know by now that I don’t care. I like candy and I like drinking on a Monday night as much as the next person, but not with a bunch of women who’ve picked the first snow weekend of the year to go out dressed like whores. On purpose – not by accident. A good friend of mine, who’s also a snappy and sometimes theatrical dresser, someone I would normally think would go all out for the opportunity for outlandish dressing that Halloween affords, surprised me by confiding that she doesn’t dress for Halloween because she takes so much time in thinking of what she’ll wear on all the other 364 days of the year that it’s simply too exhausting. This weekend, I join her in taking a stand against all your avid Halloweeners out there, and yeah you can boo me as much as you want. And oh yeah, this is supposed to be about movies:

10 very scary movies

Article: 10 very scary movies

There are a lot of top ten lists for “scariest movie of all time,” but from box office hits to oddball cult classics, there are some movies that turn up again and again. You’ll notice a few favorites are missing, namely HALLOWEEN (1978), which has great 70s kitsch value and hands down more naked boobs than any movie on this list, but as a movie, it’s really not all the frightening, right? And no, I didn’t forget THE EXORCIST (1973) either, but buckets of green puke are more gross than scary. You’ll notice, too, that there aren’t a lot of new scary movies, and that’s not because I don’t like them, but I think we should let them stand the test of time a bit before we start putting them on all-time lists.

10. WAIT UNTIL DARK (1967)

This oft-forgotten gem stars Audrey Hepburn as a blind woman terrorized by Alan Arkin and his gang of thugs who think she has a doll full of heroin. Bet you never thought a refrigerator light would save your life.

9. NOSFERATU (1922)

Greatest vampire movie of all time? Michael Myers stole all Nosferatu’s best moves in HALLOWEEN (the white face, the lurking) but the original is still the bone-chilling best.