Top 10 terrifying films on Sundance Channel

Article: Top 10 terrifying films on Sundance Channel

Just in time for Halloween, the ten most terrifying movies on the Sundance Channel run a gauntlet of horrific styles. For traditional slasher-movie thrills, we’ve got the original FRIDAY THE 13TH (and, inevitably, a slasher sequel with FRIDAY THE 13TH PART II). Others are horror classics too distinctive to be called traditional; David Cronenberg and Roman Polanski rarely seem more at home than when they channel their own personal obsessions into the horror genre with movies like ROSEMARY’S BABY, THE FLY, and SPIDER. Lars Von Trier’s ANTICHRIST fits into this pattern, too; it bears little resemblance to its genre brethren and is unmistakably the work of Von Trier, yet it is a horror picture, of sorts, filtered through the director’s bracing, often lyrical misery. Of course, there are other ways to get scared without even going into horror; Danny Boyle’s THE BEACH offers a scary vision of paradise corrupted, and, come to think of it, so does David Lynch’s BLUE VELVET, in its own way. If you want to freak out, there’s no shortage of options.

Top 10 summer thrillers that will give you chills

Article: Top 10 summer thrillers that will give you chills

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Looking for a great way to beat the heat? Summer has always been a time for everything to run high: temperature, hormones, blood pressure, nerves. And a summer thriller is the perfect way to make them all go over the top. This is the season that has seen some of the best horror and thriller classics of all time, like ROSEMARY’S BABY, THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT and THE SIXTH SENSE. And those titles are in great company with the following list.

Sundance is gonna scare the sh*t outta you this week

Article: Sundance is gonna scare the sh*t outta you this week

Halloween is just around the corner, and if you don’t have your costume ready yet let us inspire you with a line up of seriously scary movies. Seriously. I mean it. Like if you really wanted to dress up as some of the characters in these movies you could probably just pour of bucket of fake blood over your head and call it a night. Or, if you’re like me and prefer to leave the gore onscreen, there’s no better way to drown out the sound of your doorbell ringing and scare away the trick-or-treaters on the other side by tuning into Sundance Channel and turning the volume wayyyy up.

Don’t know what to watch first? Allow me to break it down quick and dirty:

POSSESSION OF DAVID O’REILLY: Scary-as-hell supernatural demons in a ”shockumentary” that will haunt your dreams.

COFFIN ROCK: Go ahead, sleep with your stalker, psychopathic neighbor. What’s the worse that could happen?…