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Sundance Review: Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig Are As You’ve Never Seen Them In Otherwise Conventional ‘The Skeleton Twins’

Article: Sundance Review: Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig Are As You’ve Never Seen Them In Otherwise Conventional ‘The Skeleton Twins’

Outside of their Saturday Night Live work, Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig have delivered some of their best performances onscreen together, in ADVENTURELAND and PAUL (they even both scored scene-stealing voice cameos in Spike Jonze’s HER). Even so, their chemistry in Craig Johnson’s THE SKELETON TWINS is something altogether different: These are serious dramatic roles with dark comedic ingredients that take them out of the farcical realm and allow them to craft fully realized characters.

Stefon-themed Mad Libs

Article: Stefon-themed Mad Libs

One of the highlights and crowd favorites of this season’s SNL was Stefon, your local guide to New York’s hottest clubs. Stefon is played hilariously by Bill Hader, who despite his best efforts always breaks character in large part due to the writers making last-minute surprise changes to the script, as Bill explained to David Letterman. Well, for you fans, create your own club that Stefon would visit with these three Mad Libs.

3 Way (The Golden Rule)

Article: 3 Way (The Golden Rule)

SNL got really gay this past Saturday night. Yes, Justin Timberlake hosted. Yes, Lady Gaga performed. But nothing could have prepared me for the return of the Dick In A Box singers, Timberlake and Andy Samberg. After brief cameos by Patricia Clarkson and Susan Sarandon, the pair focus on Lady Gaga. Hilarity ensues when the…

Top 10 songs about bad sex

Article: Top 10 songs about bad sex

There are plenty of bad songs about sex — and we’re guessing that they’re in heavy rotation when any cast member of Jersey Shore hooks up. But there are some truly excellent songs about bad sex. Here are a few lyric excerpts from some of our favorites (with thanks to our readers on Facebook and Twitter for help compiling this; although to the reader who nominated “Prostatic Fluid Asphyxiation” by Whitechapel — er, thanks, but no thanks). Let’s see if we can get up to 25, or even 100 — put your other suggestions in the comments section below!

1. “Do You Remember the First Time” by Pulp

You say you’ve got to go home
‘Cause he’s sitting on his own again this evening
And I know you’re gonna let him bore your pants off again
Oh now it’s half past eight, you’ll be late

You say you’ve never been sure
Though it makes good sense for you to live together
Still you bought a toy that can reach the places he never goes
And now it’s getting late, he’s so straight

Kristin Wiig comes to primetime

Article: Kristin Wiig comes to primetime

Kristin Wiig is Saturday Night Live’s strongest performer. She’s funny and awkward. She does impersonations effortlessly (see Bjork and Kathy Lee). And she takes skits that could be awful (Penelope, Target Lady) and makes them funny as all hell. Just check out her Bjork appearance above. There is something gay about Wiig too. She’s not…

Blonde heir – Madonna and Lady Gaga

Article: Blonde heir – Madonna and Lady Gaga

Unless you have been living under a rock then assuredly you have witnessed the pop culture tipping point and subsequent freaky-deaky takeover of the world by one Miss Lady Gaga. It should be noted that she’s not your typical Madonna-wannabe. She’s the heir apparent.

Menstrual Humor from the Stars of SPRING BREAKDOWN

Article: Menstrual Humor from the Stars of SPRING BREAKDOWN

Amy Poehler, Rachel Dratch and Parker Posey at the Sundance Channel Studio Saturday Night Live’s Amy Poehler and Rachel Dratch, director Ryan Shiraki, Parker Posey, Jane Lynch and Missi Pyle squeezed onto the Sundance Channel studio’s couch this afternoon, ostensibly to discuss their movie SPRING BREAKDOWN, but instead it became a game of comedic one-upmanship.…

State-sponsored Sex and Stab Wounds

Article: State-sponsored Sex and Stab Wounds

The opening-night premiere of claymation film Mary and Max made it clear that the Festival decided to throw a curveball for its opening pitch.

Elvis Costello And Punk Rock

Article: Elvis Costello And Punk Rock

“Punk—what nonsense that was,” Elvis Costello recently said to Spin magazine. “I never really went along with the philosophical background…I’m just a songwriter. I knew older stuff and I knew newer stuff.” It’s easy to understand why, given his obvious other interests from Day One and the wide range of musical styles he would soon…

Impending Post-Election Depression Confession

Article: Impending Post-Election Depression Confession

I can think of few things in my lifetime that have been more depressing than presidential elections. But politics may be turning over a new leaf. This year there will be one thing more depressing than the presidential election, and that’s the end of the presidential election. Post-election depression is forecasted to hit the country…

GREEN Fashion: Can We Look Good and Feel Good?

Article: GREEN Fashion: Can We Look Good and Feel Good?

This week’s topic on THE GREEN is fashion. As some of you may remember from the golden days of “Saturday Night Live”, Billy Crystal used to play a character named “Fernando”. Fernando used to comment on people’s fashion sense by stating that “it’s better to look good than to feel good”. To this day, many…