Sandra Bernhard

Scissor Sisters return

Article: Scissor Sisters return

The gayest band in the world, Scissor Sisters, are heading back into the spotlight. You may ask, Bradford, how can you call Scissor Sisters the gayest band in the world? Hmm. Let’s see. Disco cover of Pink Floyd. Collaborations with Andy Bell of Erasure, Pete Burns, Kylie Minogue, and Elton John. They got their start…

Tell me a story, Sandy

Article: Tell me a story, Sandy

Sandra Bernhard is performing at Joe’s Pub in New York City this week, and if you’ve never had a chance to check out her work, either RUN to The Public or grab one of her many performance DVDs, asap. She’s brilliant – and as I was sipping my Chardonnay shoulder to shoulder with fawning New Yorkers in the jam-packed club last night, I pondered a point she was making about live storytelling.

Without you she's nothing

Article: Without you she's nothing

Tonight lesbian icon Sandra Bernhard will perform her classic show Without You I’m Nothing at New York City’s Town Hall. The one woman show played off-Broadway as the 80s died down and it was her creative, critical and commercial peak. She’s not danced with mainstream crossover possibilities since. Roseanne doesn’t count.