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How to travel with your sex toys

Article: How to travel with your sex toys

Ethan Imboden is the founder of Jimmyjane, one of our favorite sex toy companies — their products are sleek and stylish and feel as good as they look. Ethan has also occasionally had his bags searched by TSA agents when flying, so we asked him to share some tips about traveling with your bedside accessories… just in case your final destination doesn’t have a little sex shop on the corner.

Have you heard any horror stories about people who’ve had run-ins with security over their sex toys?

I do hear a lot of stories, but to be honest, none of them seem particularly horrific! Perhaps traveling with vibrators so frequently has cured me of any embarrassment. The worst stories have less to do with mean TSA agents and more to do with the witnesses — parents being questioned in front of their children, women being questioned in front of their unsuspecting husbands, me being searched in front of a really hot stranger I was chatting up in line.

Take comfort in the fact that these guys have seen it all. If the TSA agent shakes their head as you pass through, it might simply be to express their disappointment that you’re only bringing one vibrator, whereas you’ve packed 7 pairs of shoes.

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