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"The New York Times Magazine Photographs" goes beyond celebrity

Article: "The New York Times Magazine Photographs" goes beyond celebrity

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Celebrity portraiture can seem like an easy way for a photographer to make a buck, and maybe that’s what makes it so challenging – to do something new and exciting in such well-trodden territory. Kathy Ryan, the director of photography at The New York Times Magazine, is such an avid proponent of the “good” celebrity portrait that she wrote a book on the subject, “The New York Times Magazine Photographs,” a “wonderfully heavy” tome out next month, the result of six years of research poring through 1,700 issues of the magazine.

SVA's Mentors Program exhibition

Article: SVA's Mentors Program exhibition

Natalie Chan It’s the kind of program you probably wish was an option when you were in school. No matter your degree, how nice would it have been to be paired one-on-one with a working professional before you hit the job market? At SVA the Mentors Program pairs photography students with NY-based photographers who actual…

Ryan McGinley gets naked (again)

Article: Ryan McGinley gets naked (again)

“India” and “Larson F” The fact that Ryan McGinley’s latest show, “Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere,” involves candidly photographed young naked people will come as a shock to no one, though there is one major departure from his previous work in that this series is shot entirely in black and white in a studio. Far…

Art Forum Berlin

Article: Art Forum Berlin

Despite an overall tightening of belts, the 14th annual Art Forum Berlin reported a good turn out after wrapping last week. It’s no wonder, though, with its reputation for exhibiting some of the best and exciting new talent around, with a few big names thrown in for good measure. This year seasoned photographers like Ryan…