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How to talk to people who deny climate change

Article: How to talk to people who deny climate change

Got one of those crazy family members who thinks that Rush Limbaugh is an expert on, well, everything, and who firmly believes that climate change is a conspiracy designed to undermine the capitalist economy? Yep, we know the type, and we fully understand that you may already be dreading family time at the holidays. This uncle or cousin or in-law isn’t going to let facts get in the way, so showing him how even scientists once skeptical about global warming are coming around in a big way probably won’t change any minds. And this relative certainly isn’t going to hold back for the sake of a peaceful gathering.

Film Intelligence: Batmen of honor

Article: Film Intelligence: Batmen of honor

Every week there are dozens of film news stories. We read them all and bring you the five most important ones in the single most important blog post you’ll ever read (today [at this moment]). This week: Batman returns, Rush Limbaugh attacks, and Hef makes a big play.

Rush Limbaugh says he was just joking – lighten up, you guys!

Article: Rush Limbaugh says he was just joking – lighten up, you guys!

Rush Limbaugh is the master of the non-apology (remember his wishy-washy apologies to Michael J. Fox and Chelsea Clinton, amongst others?). And his way-too-late-to-even-count apology to Georgetown Law student Sandra Fluke is no exception. Let us count the ways that his apology does not count:

Palin 2012

Article: Palin 2012

After Nov. 4, whether John McCain wins or loses, the Republican party is going to go into the next room, close the door and give itself a good talking to []. Party apparatchiks, conservative leaders, activists and think-tank know-it-alls alike will gather and determine “whither conservatism?” and “who gets to drive?” George W. Bush slinks…

Bachmann-Palin Overdrive

Article: Bachmann-Palin Overdrive

I met a devil woman, she took my heart away She said I had it comin’ to me, but I wanted it that way I think that any love is good lovin’ And so I took what I could get, mmm Oooh, oooh, she looked at me with big brown eyes And said You ain’t…

Ted Nugent

Article: Ted Nugent

With over 35 million albums sold and more media face-time than most active politicians, Ted Nugent [] has earned his status as an American icon. Acclaimed for his bold, insightful commentary on issues ranging from the American Dream to bio-diversity, Nugent is a regular guest on top-rated programs like Larry King, Howard Stern, The O’Reilly…