Röyksopp's Senior

Article: Röyksopp's Senior

Royksopp – The Drug (Official video) from EMINOchannel on Vimeo.

R√∂yksopp‘s album Junior, from last year, was one of the top albums of 2009. Featuring the lead singer from The Knife and Robyn, it was a Scandinavian disco stomper. A mere year later the boys are back with the companion album to Junior, titled Senior. It’s trippy and moody and streaming live right now on Hype Machine.

Robyn, X3

Article: Robyn, X3

Robyn will probably never break the US again. She did once, more than a decade ago, when she was packaged as a Scandinavian Britney-wannabe. But then she broke out on her own. Lost her baby fat. Got weirder. And embraced electronic music.

This Must Be It: Röyksopp's odd new video

Article: This Must Be It: Röyksopp's odd new video

It is no secret that I adore Swedish electro-pop. I have since I first discovered ABBA. Then Roxette. Neneh Cherry. Robyn. And of course R√∂yksopp. Last month I posted a link to a free download for “This Must Be It,” their new single featuring the vocals of Karin Dreijer Andersson. The video for that song…

Free music download: Röyksopp

Article: Free music download: Röyksopp

R√∂yksopp’s current album features many collaborations. Their most recent single, “The Girl and The Robot,” pitted the duo against ice princess Robyn. That single’s video is brilliant and can be seen below.

Rediscovering Neneh Cherry

Article: Rediscovering Neneh Cherry

Andreas Kleerup’s just released eponymous album is remarkable. He out-R√∂yksopps R√∂yksopp on the release, which features haunting and bubbling synths and those emotional, yet detached, Swedish ing√©nue voices: Robyn, Titiyo, and, surprisingly, Neneh Cherry.

Stop-motion Post-Its

Article: Stop-motion Post-Its

The great stop-motion video below was the senior project of a Savannah College of Art and Design student named Bang-yao Liu. The music is by one of my favorite groups, the Norwegian electronica duo Royksopp: