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The famous (and infamous) name their five favorite films

Article: The famous (and infamous) name their five favorite films

Five Favorite Films is an excellent ongoing column at Rotten Tomatoes where a variety of recognizable actors, directors, musicians, comedians, writers, adult film stars, one frog and one Paris Hilton name their five favorite films. It’s not the most easily browsable section, so Metafilter user dgaicun helpfully indexed some of them. With Comic-Con in the works, I thought it’d be relevant to share Stan Lee’s five favorite movies. His tastes are not that of a high-brow aesthete necessarily, but unsurprisingly he does seem to enjoy films that are about entertaining a large audience.

Party Of Choice

Article: Party Of Choice

Sundance Channel party last night marked in many ways the final big party of the festival party season — that is, of course, before the Awards ceremony this weekend. Unlike many of the celebrity driven parties, those impossible affairs with only the rumor of a famous person flaming the crowd into tighter and tighter spaces, Sundance Channel party was an event for comrades in work: filmmakers, buyers, publicists, and film people in general. The big, splashy parties one sees on “Entertainment Tonight” happen over the weekend, and pretty much end when the stars wing their way back to wherever stars live. Nevertheless fond memories of Sundance society stay behind.