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Did DEATH WISH kill gun control?

Article: Did DEATH WISH kill gun control?

Once upon a time in America, there was a gun-control debate. Then came Charles Bronson. In 1974′s DEATH WISH — tonight at 10:10P on Sundance Channel — the journeyman character actor shot to superstardom as Paul Kersey, a self-confessed “bleeding-heart liberal” who becomes a pistol-packing urban vigilante after his daughter is raped and his wife is murdered. Made for a modest $3 million, the gritty flick earned back more than seven times its budget and spawned four sequels over the next 20 years. Now director Joe Carnahan (THE GREY) is planning a remake.

Real Madmen Make Even Reagan Look Good

Article: Real Madmen Make Even Reagan Look Good

ART & COPY is a slick documentary about the genuis ad men and women who created such iconic campaigns as “Got Milk?”, “Think Different” (Apple), and Nike’s “Just Do It.” “Sundance gets a lot of grief about getting too commercial and selling out,” director Doug Pray said in introducing the film. “I just want to warn you guys–there’s ads in my movie.”

Tom Kostigen

Article: Tom Kostigen

Thomas Kostigen has traveled the world– exploring environmentally significant places on Earth and explaining how everyday actions matter. His new book, You Are Here: The Surprising Link Between What We Do and What That Does to the Planet, draws from his world travels to demonstrate the impact of our actions on the planet. As an…