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The musical stylings of Robyn Hitchcock

Article: The musical stylings of Robyn Hitchcock

Known for his offbeat humor, absurdist lyrics and stream-of-consciousness riffs, singer-songwriter Robyn Hitchcock returns to Sundance Channel in this original concert film shot in New York in late 2008. Here the cult favorite — dressed in a polka-dotted shirt and matching guitar — is joined by Terry Edwards on keyboards, horns, bass and piano and Captain Tim Keegan on guitar to perform songs from his 1984 album I OFTEN DREAM OF TRAINS, including “Cathedral” and “I Used to Say I Love You.” John Edginton directs.

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Robyn Hitchcock: Music in the Arctic

Article: Robyn Hitchcock: Music in the Arctic

Robyn Hitchcock has been contributing his ideas for preventing climate change in two recent GREEN BLOG posts. His trip in the arctic continues and he recently performed at the launch event for his Cape Farewell Arctic excursion. He wrote some new lyrics for the popular song “Cocaine.” Check out his performance now. You can find…

Robyn Hitchcock in the Arctic

Article: Robyn Hitchcock in the Arctic

This post is part two of an ongoing commentary on the arctic and the general environmental disaster facing the world. Robyn Hitchcock really cares about climate change and he focuses his unique artistic style on his writing about the subject. You can read the first part of his dialogue on climate change here []. Two…

Endangered killers picnic at the edge of the world

Article: Endangered killers picnic at the edge of the world

Robyn Hitchcock, one of the great contemporary musical talents of the world, provides a poetic recounting for some of the sights that he encounters on his arctic trip. We hope you enjoy. “I cannot begin to start or stop describing this place. To say something is grey means little, it is green also. And white.…

2008 Cape Farewell Voyage

Article: 2008 Cape Farewell Voyage

The current climate-induced peril the world is experiencing can often be described in very drab, academic jargon that only a scientist would understand. This “members only” quality of the environmental movement presents a major barrier to involving a huge segment of the population in a concerted effort to reverse climate change. There are still people…

Robyn Hitchcock @ SXSW

Article: Robyn Hitchcock @ SXSW

Robyn Hitchcock gives us a look at the man behind the mask in an exclusive interview. Catch more exclusive videos and Comedian Eugene Mirman interview with Hitchcock in our Spotlight [] section.