Greatest singer of all

Article: Greatest singer of all

A common refrain I’ve heard expressed in the aftermath of Whitney Houston’s sad passing is “I’m surprised but not shocked” due to her well known past struggles with substance abuse, but I was actually surprised and shocked when I heard this (news that was incidentally texted to me while I was at a bar watching Jeremy Lin performing as Linderella). I was completely stunned because I had assumed that she had turned a corner. I want to use this soapbox not to focus on the macabre aspect of her death and troubles during her life, but instead use the opportunity vis-a-vis online bits and tributes as a celebration of her inimitable talent starting for instance with this: listen to Whitney Houston’s isolated vocals on “How Will I Know” to remind yourself how remarkable her voice was or as Oprah tweeted, “To me Whitney was THE VOICE.” I’ve listened to this countless times and I get goosebumps each time. That said, and this might be slightly blasphemous, but for the same reasons that Vulture made, I almost like the mash-up of Whitney’s vocals with Robyn’s “Dancing on My Own” track better than the originals for both songs.

Robyn's Call Your Girlfriend

Article: Robyn's Call Your Girlfriend

My obsession with Swedish singer Robyn is ever further cemented with her new video for the single “Call Your Girlfriend.” In a textured sweat top, leggings, and sneakers she makes a video fascinating only because of her spunk. It was recorded in a single take in Los Angeles at an abandoned warehouse by Max Vitali, who often collaborates with the singer. It’s emotional and fun. And you’ll keep watching, I promise.

Robyn Documentary

Article: Robyn Documentary

Robyn, the prolific and innovative Swedish pop singer, is the subject of a new hour-long documentary. It’s a fascinating glimpse into the life and professional evolution of a child star to an iconic force. It is in four parts – click through to the next part after each part ends.

2010: Top Five Gay Records (yes, a little late)

Article: 2010: Top Five Gay Records (yes, a little late)

Robyn ‘Dancing On My Own’ (Official Video) from Robyn on Vimeo.

I know, I know it is already 2011! But 2010 was a really great year for fans of house beats and electronic music. 2010 saw some rather impressive albums and they all had a 90s alternative, electric vibe. See below for my top five music moments of 2010. And yes, I know, I am big gay cliche.

Robyn's Indestructible

Article: Robyn's Indestructible

Robyn, the Swedish pop star I obsess over, is set to release her third and final album of 2010, Body Talk Volume 3, in November. To gear up for the release and yet another American tour she’s just released the video for lead-off single “Indestructible.” It’s a sexy affair featuring couples making out while she…

Celebrating Bjork

Article: Celebrating Bjork

Bjork and Ennio Morricone received the 2010 Polar Music Prize from Sweden’s King Carl XVI Gustaf earlier this month. The award is not just recognition but also comes with some cash, 1 million kronor ($136,000). Bjork sat in the audience looking like a glam doll. The highlight of the evening were the three musical performances honoring the Icelandic songstress. Swede Robyn tackled the opus “Hyperballad.” Ane Brun did a convincing reading of “J√≥ga” and “Human Behaviour” was reinvented by Wildbirds & Peacedrums.

Röyksopp's Senior

Article: Röyksopp's Senior

Royksopp – The Drug (Official video) from EMINOchannel on Vimeo.

R√∂yksopp‘s album Junior, from last year, was one of the top albums of 2009. Featuring the lead singer from The Knife and Robyn, it was a Scandinavian disco stomper. A mere year later the boys are back with the companion album to Junior, titled Senior. It’s trippy and moody and streaming live right now on Hype Machine.

Rediscovering Kelis

Article: Rediscovering Kelis

Kelis – 4th Of July (Official Music Video) from house selections on Vimeo.

At last week’s several sold out Robyn/Kelis shows here in NYC, admittedly, I was more excited about the Swedish pop princess than I was about Nas’ baby mama. However, when Kelis took to the stage in glitter disco wig and purple latex body suit I knew I’d be pleasantly surprised.

Robyn's "Hang With Me"

Article: Robyn's "Hang With Me"

Robyn – Hang With Me official video from Robyn on Vimeo. My love obsession with Robyn continues. Next week I see the Swedish pop star onstage in a double billed show with Kelis. These two women have crafted the best electronic albums of the past few years. Eat your heart out Gaga. And the prolific…

Robyn's Bitch Track

Article: Robyn's Bitch Track

Robyn, the Swedish disco-pop songstress, embarking on a tour with Kelis this summer has released her first of three slated albums this year already. I’ve highlighted the first single, “Dancing On My Own,” here already. The song “Killing Me” is equally as mesmerizing. The video is quite remarkable too. The song sees Robyn, repeatedly, saying…

Robyn's "Dancing On My Own"

Article: Robyn's "Dancing On My Own"

Robyn ‘Dancing On My Own’ (Official Video) from Robyn on Vimeo. Swedish pop sensation Robyn released her new video for the single “Dancing on My Own” today and it’s pretty brilliant. The song is seriously becoming a contender for my song of the summer. Gone are her girlish looks and edge, replaced with an older…

Robyn, X3

Article: Robyn, X3

Robyn will probably never break the US again. She did once, more than a decade ago, when she was packaged as a Scandinavian Britney-wannabe. But then she broke out on her own. Lost her baby fat. Got weirder. And embraced electronic music.

Free music download: Röyksopp

Article: Free music download: Röyksopp

R√∂yksopp’s current album features many collaborations. Their most recent single, “The Girl and The Robot,” pitted the duo against ice princess Robyn. That single’s video is brilliant and can be seen below.

Rediscovering Neneh Cherry

Article: Rediscovering Neneh Cherry

Andreas Kleerup’s just released eponymous album is remarkable. He out-R√∂yksopps R√∂yksopp on the release, which features haunting and bubbling synths and those emotional, yet detached, Swedish ing√©nue voices: Robyn, Titiyo, and, surprisingly, Neneh Cherry.