Green tech finds: Poop-free water edition

Article: Green tech finds: Poop-free water edition

It’s World Water Day, so in celebration, I’ve found a number of cool stories about water-related technology, including a ocean-going drone, and clean water from poop (really!).

Green tech finds: Got some organic matter lying around?

Article: Green tech finds: Got some organic matter lying around?

Dead leaves? Grass clippings? Fruit and vegetable peels? Sure, you could compost them, or you could turn them into robot fuel or solar cells. Plus, a gadget for harvesting the power you generate while walking, and an app for showing off your gas and carbon savings from driving a plug-in vehicle.

This week’s top 5 trending viral videos

Article: This week’s top 5 trending viral videos

If you’re completely sick of all the coverage leading up to the Super Bowl, I’m here to provide you with some relief (9 out of 10 bloggers recommend it) with this week’s YouTube videos that seem to be gaining steam on the viral Internet train.

5. From the hilarious minds of one of my favorite channels on YouTube is this catchy and easy-to-sing song “Hapi Berth Dey.” It’s “about an Egyptian river god who finds a place to sleep atop two sheep” that also possibly doubles as an expression of his outrage of the misappropriation of copyright laws which legally also applies to a popular song traditionally sung to celebrate birthdays. Feel free to sing this new song coincidentally at your next birthday party!

TRANSFORMERS 3: Robots on the Moon and in Space*

Article: TRANSFORMERS 3: Robots on the Moon and in Space*

“I’m here to transform normal ingredients into an amazing drink!”
Introducing our new SUNfiltered blogger, Drank With That, to be enjoyed responsibly – or not.

Pop Quiz. If Michael Bay got in a bar fight with John Favreau, who would win? Obviously Michael Bay.

Ok, if Brett Favre showed up and he and his buddy John tried to tag team Michael Bay, who would win? Trick question, because the answer is still Michael Bay. Also, this would never happen because fighting Michael Bay is pretty much a suicide mission – in space. Why? Because of TRANSFORMERS 3! IN SPACE!

Movie franchises know that taking it to space is a surefire way to get a hit. THE MUPPETS took it to space, STAR WARS took it to space, AIRPLANE took it to space. Shoot, if the writers had figured out how to get Hightower into a space suit, we’d probably still be watching POLICE ACADEMY movies. For those of you snoozing out there: take it to space!

That’s what TRANSFORMERS 3 did, and that’s exactly what we did, too. What do you drank with that? Introducing the Obvious Prime:

Green tech finds – 8/18/11

Article: Green tech finds – 8/18/11

Old school shipping, CO2 as a source of fuel and yet another new solar technology for charging your phone: this week’s green tech finds.

Another recycling robot: While not as directly practical as the ZenRobotics Recycler we mentioned in an earlier post, Florida Robotics‘ Dr. R.E. Cycler is designed for educational purposes – essentially, to show kids what happens to the aluminum cans that go into those blue bins. Take a quick look at it above. (via Fast Company and @TaigaCompany)

Green tech finds (5/19/11)

Article: Green tech finds (5/19/11)

Off-grid in the Big Apple, and geothermal energy capture that doesn’t cause earthquakes… your green tech finds for the week.

  • The recycling robot: Finnish start-up ZenRobotics claims its ZenRobotics Recycler, a robot designed to sort recyclables from other waste, has correctly identified half the materials presented to it in tests. See the “trailer” for the robot above. (via Good News from Finland)

  • Can electric vehicles work in car sharing programs: Electric Vehicle Update discusses the potential issues, and solutions, for incorporating EVs (with their long charging time) into “on-demand” car sharing services. (via Cleantechies)

Green tech finds (2/18/10)

Article: Green tech finds (2/18/10)

Wave power, robots, and solar roads… it’s time for this week’s green tech finds. Use your iPhone to argue climate science: Gotten into yet another argument with your conservative brother-in-law about the facts surrounding climate change, and need support fast? There’s an app for that… (via The Guardian) Wave power coming to the Pacific Northwest:…

The world's first sex robot

Article: The world's first sex robot

The AVN Adult Entertainment Expo was held in Vegas this past weekend, overlapping (not accidentally, one imagines) with the geek-fest Consumer Electronics Show. There were some areas of overlap, with sex booths showcasing 3-D porn, and a sort of “Wii for men” (a box attached to the johnson creates sensations that sync up with dirty scenes on the screen), and what’s being touted as the world’s first interactive sex robot.

Love and sex with robots: a vision from the 1920s

Article: Love and sex with robots: a vision from the 1920s

David Levy’s Love and Sex with Robots may have hit the shelves just a few years ago, but the idea of love and sex with robots is hardly a new one. Even as far back as the 1920′s, people were envisioning a future in which robots–or “automatic men”–would be available to tend to the needs…

Spielberg approves of pending robot apocalypse

Article: Spielberg approves of pending robot apocalypse

Why, Steven? WHY?

Remember our post about IBM’s latest supercomputer, Watson, who (or is it which?) will be competing on Jeopardy? Not to be out done, Microsoft announced at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo their latest achievement-to-be : Project Natal. Project Natal aims to be a “controller-free gaming and entertainment experience,” hopefully making the XBox 360 and gaming overall more approachable.

While the prospect of a more immersive entertainment experience is highly appealing to many, this new chapter in technology is opening new doors for human interaction with artificial intelligence that were only possible in science fiction films such as Steven Spielberg’s A.I. Developed for years at Lionhead Studios under the pseudonym The Dimitri Project, Milo is a new brand of AI that totally blew every attendee at E3 away.

Learn more about Milo and Spielberg’s thoughts on Project Natal and how it relates to technological advancement…

Green tech finds (5/21/09)

Article: Green tech finds (5/21/09)

It’s Thursday again… here’s some of the notable green tech news from the week.

Keep an eye on renewable energy developments in your area? Build Baby Build’s Greenspotter contest gives you an opportunity to win some cool energy monitoring equipment for your photos of those projects.
Not sure where to find a nearby recycling location? Earth 911′s new iPhone app provides locations, directions, and a list of accepted materials.