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Article: A hard-wired road trip: SMALL, BEAUTIFULLY MOVING PARTS

America has a great history of road movies. We’ve been able really corner the market because, well…we have more roads, but also because our culture puts a premium on finding oneself. And there is no better way of “figuring your shit out” than going on a long road trip. These sorts of films usually end up featuring an awesome twosome (THELMA AND LOUISE), because watching one person drive around the USA can be pretty boring. But, in SMALL, BEAUTIFULLY MOVING PARTS, while we’ve got an awesome twosome, we only really see one road-tripper. She just happens to be pregnant with her co-pilot.

Music video: Cinnamon Chasers, "Luv Deluxe"

Article: Music video: Cinnamon Chasers, "Luv Deluxe"

This is one of my favorite music videos I’ve seen all week. Slightly NSFW, Saman Keshavarz directed this sexy concept for Cinnamon Chasers’ catchy song “Luv Deluxe.” Shot in HD first-person POV, watch closely as the viewer is presented with three different scenarios of a road trip, which correspond to different personalities. Cinnamon Chasers –…

Summer road trip, 1909 style

Article: Summer road trip, 1909 style

More than a decade before women had the right to vote in this country, Alice Ramsey became the first one to drive across it. The car was a 1909 Maxwell Model DA, given to her by Maxwell as a kind of advertising stunt with the idea that women would like the DA when they saw a woman driving it and encourage their husbands to buy one. It’s easy to misconstrue her journey as a statement about women’s rights, but Ramsey, 22 at the time and fresh out of Vassar, wasn’t exactly a suffragette. In fact she only accepted the challenge because it had already been done by a man.

Baby mama drama in AWAY WE GO

Article: Baby mama drama in AWAY WE GO

It’s an interesting enough starting point: What do two people with only vague ambitions and low funds (low enough to have a cardboard window in their dilapidated trailer but not low enough, oddly, to fly all around the US and Canada) do when they discover they’re having a baby in a town where they no longer know anyone? Road trip! Burt (John Krasinski) and Verona (Maya Rudolph) go from Phoenix to Madison to Montreal to Miami to visit one wacky friend after another, from comically slutty Allison Janney to comically new age-y Maggie Gyllenhaal.