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The Oscars are coming! Here's some advice!

Article: The Oscars are coming! Here's some advice!

On February 27, the annual Academy Awards telecast will attempt to make millions of people interested in movies they didn’t care enough to see in the first place.

They’ll do so with glitz, celebrity drop-ins, gushy tributes, high fashion, and the wonderful sight of four people being devastated in each category.

As an inveterate Oscar watcher despite it all, I have some handy ideas for pepping up the show and grabbing way higher ratings than they ever imagined.

Here goes, for free:

*Serve booze. The Golden Globes are always more fun than the Oscars because the guests are flat-out drunk and not that self-conscious about the evening’s high-pressure antics. The Oscars should serve tray upon tray of ratings-making cocktails. It’s a recipe for absolute hilarity!

Ricky Gervais, 80's pop star

Article: Ricky Gervais, 80's pop star

Ricky Gervais has been popping up more than usual as of late to promote his new and funny HBO animated series. I wish all the talk shows he appears on would also air this certain clip from a music video. It shows Ricky from the 1980′s as a front man doing his best androgynous Bowie impersonation for new wave band Seona Dancing.



In Mark’s (Ricky Gervais) world, people are genetically incapable of lying, and since no one lies, no one is suspicious or questions anything. If you told these people you were freezing when you just meant you were cold they would take you literally. Same thing goes for Santa and the Tooth Fairy. Basically everyone operates…