Richard Serra

Deck of cards honoring NYC creative royalty

Article: Deck of cards honoring NYC creative royalty

Class up your next poker game and pay homage to some of the artists, writers, thinkers and provocateurs who injected New York City’s DNA, either directly or indirectly with their creative genius with these casino quality playing cards from Shipley & Halmos. Who said gambling can’t also be both inspiring and educational?

Anish Kapoor at Monumenta 2011

Article: Anish Kapoor at Monumenta 2011

The major challenge – and draw – of Monumenta, France’s (mostly) annual grand art exhibition, is making the most of the 13,500-square-meter (over 44,000-square-feet) Grand Palais, Europe’s biggest and one of its oldest glass-roofed structures. Built in the Beaux-Arts style for the Universal Exposition of 1900, the Grand Palais boasts huge ceilings and an expansive exhibition space, so choosing the right artist to commission a site-specific piece from is key. In the past, Monumenta has had success with Anselm Kiefer, Christian Boltanski and, that lover of the large-scale, Richard Serra. This year’d exhibition features a piece by Anish Kapoor, whose huge and hugely popular public sculptures like “Cloud Gate,” the enormous mirrorized pebble-shaped piece in Chicago’s Millennium Park, make him an apt choice.

Secret Richard Serra sculpture in the Bronx

Article: Secret Richard Serra sculpture in the Bronx

As a huge fan of Richard Serra’s installations, I found this recent New York Times article interesting: Hidden away in a crane yard in South Bronx are one and a half story high steel pieces of an unfinished Richard Serra sculpture. Whether art or art-to-be, it is striking just the same. Seen from the lot…

Time-lapse Richard Serra at MoMA

Article: Time-lapse Richard Serra at MoMA

The MoMA’s digital media team’s initial inchoate forways into producing and sharing content online of their exhibitions involved time-lapse videos of the installations of various pieces. Their first attempt was this recording of the installation of a Richard Serra steel sculpture in the museum’s Sculpture Garden in 2007. [Via]