Naked News (04-14-09)

Article: Naked News (04-14-09)

photo: Green Porno 1 Mean green porno: flies engage in “chemical warfare” to control their mate’s sex drive. Yay, another excuse to drink! Study says red wine may increase women’s libidos. Science isn’t always progressive: Male chimps treat females to nice steak dinner, get laid. Get a whiff of this: in a recent study, people…

Decoding Love with Andrew Trees

Article: Decoding Love with Andrew Trees

photo via If your Magic 8 Ball is a less-than-reliable dating guide, then author Andrew Trees has a better idea: Why not turn to the latest studies in economics, neurochemistry and game theory instead? We chatted with him about his latest book, Decoding Love: Why It Takes Twelve Frogs to Find a Prince and…