Green tech finds: the Earth Week edition

Article: Green tech finds: the Earth Week edition

Thinking about gardening this weekend for Earth Day? Or disposing of that old computer responsibly? We’ve got information you’ll want as you celebrate the planet this week.

Need to relocate your garden into a sunny spot?: Or have an older relative who loves to garden, but has trouble bending over to dig in the dirt? The Garden on Wheels (above) works in both of these situations – it’s also a great solution for the urbanite with limited gardening space. (via Treehugger)

Peer-to-peer product service systems

Article: Peer-to-peer product service systems

Sustainability advocates generally love the product service system model because, in theory, it reduces consumption, and provides the owners of the products with incentives to maintain those items for as long as possible. You may associate this business model with movie rental (Netflix) or car-sharing (Zipcar), but the types of products offered on a “rental” model continues to grow: designer handbags and dresses, for instance, are now available in this manner.

The Auteurs: Netflix goes to art school

Article: The Auteurs: Netflix goes to art school

Who doesn’t love the Netflix “watch instantly” option? You thought you had it good when you didn’t have to leave your house to rent a movie. Now you don’t even have to make the long walk to your mailbox. But there’s still one thing “watch instantly” doesn’t have. Sure, it’s great for those late night…