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Designer Spotlight: Project Import Export

Article: Designer Spotlight: Project Import Export

Created by an architect turned furniture designer, Project Import Export (or PIE) was founded by Bannavis Andrew Sribyatta, who wanted to explore the ultimate concept of “living space” in relation to the complexity of nature. Using many quickly renewable materials like water hyacinth, liana, bamboo and rattan, PIE takes several design cues from nature (sort…

Designer Spotlight: David Brunicardi

Article: Designer Spotlight: David Brunicardi

From time to time, TreeHugger finds furniture or other interior designers who really ‘get it’ — that is, understand that being planet-friendly and looking sleek and modern are not mutually exclusive things — and we like to highlight their good work. San Francisco-based David Brunicardi is one such designer, but before we dig in, a…

What to Watch For: Interiors

Article: What to Watch For: Interiors

From the very beginning, TreeHugger has been interested in finding ways to live a greener lifestyle without having to sleep in a cave or wear burlap sacks; we want living green to look good. The good news is that there are countless ways to do so, and you’ll see lots of them on this blog…