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Doug Aitken at Regen Projects

Article: Doug Aitken at Regen Projects

On a recent trip, Doug Aitken had a vision. It was of his house, a bungalow in Venice Beach that he lived in for over ten years and is tearing down to make room for a new house for himself and his fiancĂ©e. In the vision, Aitken’s parents are seated across from each other at a table in the otherwise empty house while the roof caves in, the windows shatter and all the debris of the house rain down around them while they remain silent and unharmed in the middle of the chaos. And Aitken, being a skilled filmmaker, translated this vision in to his latest work, the aptly titled “House,” on view now at Regen Projects in Los Angeles. Viewers stand amongst the house’s rubble while watching it, adding a layer of connection to the piece and, perhaps, to try to clue the audience into Aitken’s experience of seeing the vision itself. Ultimately though, dreams belong the dreamer alone.

Jack Pierson at Regen Projects

Article: Jack Pierson at Regen Projects

From Jack Pierson’s “Self Portrait” series

Jack Pierson has made a name for himself in sculpture, collage and drawings, but photography is the medium he’s best known for and keeps coming back to. His latest solo show, “Some Other Spring,” which opens at Regen Projects in LA tonight, is a collection of works on paper, sculpture and photography. The gallery hasn’t released any images, but if it’s anything his shows in years past you can expect typographically heavy sculpture and photographs of beautiful men. Or at least beautiful photographs of men and young boys, like the photo above from his early 2000 “Self Portrait” series. If you remember, none of those pictures were of himself, but of 15 different males who represented in some way 15 different pieces of himself.

Doug Aitken at Regen Projects

Article: Doug Aitken at Regen Projects

Doug Aitken isn’t any one thing. He’s a photographer, a filmmaker, a sculptor and an installation artist. Sometimes his work is completely tech-based and other times it’s hand-crafted. But the common thread evident in all his work is a fascination with and mastery of new media. Whether he’s projecting video onto the side of a…

Lawrence Weiner has something new to say

Article: Lawrence Weiner has something new to say

If you love letterforms and especially love to find them in unexpected places then you already love Lawrence Weiner. One of the first to introduce typography to the world of fine art, Weiner became a major figure in the conceptual scene in the late 60s when he released his “Declaration of Intent” in response to Sol LeWitt’s “Paragraphs on Conceptual Art.” Weiner stated simply that as far as his art goes, he may construct them or someone else must be able to construct them or they need not be constructed at all, existing as text-only recipes for artworks that live in the mind’s eye.

Building a photograph: Scott McFarland at Regen Projects

Article: Building a photograph: Scott McFarland at Regen Projects

If Scott McFarland’s lush, dreamlike photographs seem unreal it’s because they are. Everything from people to buildings to trees are composites photographed on their own and later combined to form surreal, often panoramic landscapes. True, some of his work is more straightforward, like “Fallen Oak Tree,” which appears to be an actual tree fallen in…