85-year-old Victor Kaufmann's legacy: a forest

Article: 85-year-old Victor Kaufmann's legacy: a forest

Most of us probably view our “golden years” as a time in which we’ll enjoy the fruits of a lifelong labors, and perhaps try to make sense of our lifetimes and our legacies. At the age of 75, though, Victor Kaufmann decided to start a project: the reforesting of a parcel of land he’d recently purchased in Lyle, WA. Unfazed by the notion that he would not witness the full fruition of his project — a healthy, mature forest — Victor set out to plant ten thousand trees on his land.

This Spring, ten years after starting, Victor will put that ten thousandth tree into the ground… and a team of student filmmakers, which includes his granddaughter, will be there to witness and record the event.

Earth Week action: plant a tree

Article: Earth Week action: plant a tree

Yep, it’s time of year again… Earth Day is just a few days away. What actions do you have planned to decrease your environmental footprint? The Conservation Fund has an idea: plant a tree. Its Go Zero campaign is working “to acquire land on behalf of national and state parks or wildlife refuges and to…