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Is eco-friendly the casual footwear of choice this Fall?

Article: Is eco-friendly the casual footwear of choice this Fall?

For years, the environmental impact of your sneakers was handled almost exclusively on the back end. Programs like Nike’s Reuse-a-Shoe still collect those worn, stinky sneaks and turn them into products ranging from play court surfaces to soles for more shoes. While the company that spent much of the 90s getting hammered for its poor responsibility record has led the way in these efforts, others shoe makers are following suit – and even taking some more innovative steps…

Companies with Recycled/Environmentally-Friendly Products

Article: Companies with Recycled/Environmentally-Friendly Products

Products made out of recycled or reused materials are really exciting from an environmental point of view. Usually, there is very little environmental cost to a recycled good, and virtually zero environmental cost for a reused good. Because these products are so great for the planet, and since it is sometimes hard to find these…