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Green pet beds as artwork

Article: Green pet beds as artwork

Got a dog? If so, there’s a good chance you’ve also got a bed for the pooch… that’s purely functional. Nothing wrong with that, of course, but it’s probably a bit of an eyesore… especially if you keep it in a public area of your home.

When William Chen and his wife Deb got their new pug puppy Momo, they decided they weren’t going to settle for the status quo on dog beds… and set out to design something that worked for the puppy as well as their aesthetic and green sensibilities. The end result: P.L.A.Y. (Pet Lifestyle and You), a company focused on making stylish, eco-friendly pet beds.

Bruce Munro's CD-scape

Article: Bruce Munro's CD-scape

Artist Bruce Munro created this glimmering cityscape “cd-scape” (HA. HA.) with over 600,000 CDs submitted by the general public to his request for any unwanted discs. Titled “CDSea,” 140 of the artist’s friends and colleagues helped build this installation, a first in a series that will focus on using recycled materials. The catalyst for ‘CDSea’…

Magazine bookshelf

Article: Magazine bookshelf

Designer Sean Miller came up with the perfect project that puts all those issues of National Geographic magazines to good use. Miller recycled about 80 copies into a functional bookshelf. The immediately recognizable yellow of the magazine adds a nice bit of color to it as well. Sean coated the magazines with a a water/starch…

New-Old designs of 2010

Article: New-Old designs of 2010

New York Magazine’s recent Home Design issue highlight 21 designs for the home that embody the “Neo Classics” aesthetic which refresh old iconic and classic designs with new materials, edgy colors and styles. I’m particularly enamored with this “cyclone lounger,” a Le Corbusier inspired chair from Red Hook furniture company Uhuru’s Coney Island line which…

Energy Efficient Home Lowers Utility Bill

Article: Energy Efficient Home Lowers Utility Bill

Opening up your utility bills and getting slammed with three digit bill totals ruins at least one day a month for every home owner or renter. The Sacramento Municipal Utility District and RJ Walter Homes decided to team up to make a model energy efficient home in Folsom, California. The result is a home with…

Greening Your Office: Part II

Article: Greening Your Office: Part II

We got started [] on a discussion of green ideas for the workplace earlier this week by looking at some desks and workstations. Many of us spend much of our time at work sitting down, so today we’ll examine a few of our favorite chairs that are good for comfort, posture and the planet. We…