Designer Q&A: Killspencer bags by Spencer Nikosey

Article: Designer Q&A: Killspencer bags by Spencer Nikosey

Ben Kaufman’s company Quirky is all about finding great ideas from regular people and turning them into real, marketable products. Throughout the Quirky series, we’ll be bringing you stories from designers, inventors and entrepreneurs who’ve either already brought their product from concept to completion or are right in the middle of that process – and all without the help of a company like Ben’s, like Spencer Nikosey and his Killspencer line of bags made from repurposed military truck tarp.

Dumpster Dive

Article: Dumpster Dive

New Yorkers don’t have pools. We just don’t have the space. But all of that is changing thanks to MacroSea, a design firm that is reinventing the swimming pool. Taking recycling to the next level the group has remade three trash dumpsters, converting them into swimming pools. The concept of taking existing storage containers and…

The island of misfit toys

Article: The island of misfit toys

photo by: hyperscholar When it comes to breaking up with an old, used, or dysfunctional sex toy, dumping it at the dump isn’t the most environmentally friendly thing you can do. A lot of toys are made of plastics and PVC, which never really go away, so tossing it (and its batteries) in your trash-can,…