Top 10 recession-proof jobs

Article: Top 10 recession-proof jobs

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It’s tricky to predict what industries are impervious to a recession. Even organized labor’s future seems uncertain in ways. But here are a few jobs, off the beaten path, that have proven to keep workers afloat during stressful times, like the ones we’re experiencing right now. See if any of them speak to you.

Vimeo of the Week: Through The Middle

Article: Vimeo of the Week: Through The Middle

Through the Middle from Clouded Vision on Vimeo.

Clouded Vision’s Through the Middle is a wonderful and short documentary showing a barber shop and its decline. It is a bittersweet goodbye letter to another time and another place where industry and prosperity once thrived. It’s a perfect snapshot of what it’s like being a small business owner during a recession. Simon James Lane and Tom Sweetland’s film is profound and pint-sized. More on the film:

A sad day for the gays

Article: A sad day for the gays

If you look at my Facebook account you’d think that the recession never hit us gays. One glimpse at my newsfeed and you’ll find many a fairy gallivanting around the globe like peacocks with charge cards and speedos. One good thing about being gay: no children to feed during harsh economic times. But then, this…


Article: Michael Moore's CAPITALISM: A LOVE STORY

Populist director Michael Moore takes a stab at the fat cats of Wall Street in his latest film CAPITALISM: A LOVE STORY, a documentary about the financial crisis of 2007-2009 and the subsequent stimulus and bailout packages. CAPITALISM echoes similar themes from a 2003 Canadian documentary THE CORPORATION, a critical examination of the modern-day corporation and its behavior towards society.

100 abandoned houses

Article: 100 abandoned houses

Kevin Bauman photographed 100 abandoned houses in Detroit, creating a somewhat spooky tableau of the current recession. He writes: 100 seemed like a lot, although the number of abandoned houses in Detroit is more like 12,000. Encompassing an area of over 138 square miles, Detroit has enough room to hold the land mass of San…