“Rectify” Recap: Episode 206 (Mazel Tov)

Article: “Rectify” Recap: Episode 206 (Mazel Tov)

After partying at Lezley’s house, Daniel wakes up naked in Marcy’s bed. Marcy chats with him in the kitchen and kisses him good-bye.

Daniel sees Trey at the gas station and confronts him. They stare each other down.

“THE RETURNED” Recap: Season 1

Article: “THE RETURNED” Recap: Season 1

Episode 1: Camille
Teenager Camille wakes up by a reservoir with no memory of how she got there. When she returns home to her family, she discovers that it’s been four years since she died in a tragic bus accident. Musician Simon comes back to town and begins to search for his fiancé Adele, unaware that he’s been dead for almost a decade. Local pub waitress Lucy is brutally stabbed and left for dead while walking through a tunnel. Nurse Julie is followed by a mysterious child, whom she eventually takes in and calls Victor. Elderly Mr. Costa’s young wife, who’s been dead for decades, returns to their home. He panics, burning his house to the ground with her inside. Later, he commits suicide.

“Rectify” Recap: Episode 5 (Act As If)

Article: “Rectify” Recap: Episode 5 (Act As If)

Ted sr. looks for his mug and coffee maker amid the kitchen rubble. He sighs in frustration.

Janet comes home with Daniel, who just got his license. Ted Sr. lectures Daniel for destroying the kitchen and implements rules for the renovation. Janet stands up for Daniel.

At home, Teddy apologizes to Tawney for the way he’s been acting. “You can’t get so angry, Teddy, it’ll consume you,” she says. “Then it’ll consume us.”

“Rectify” Recap: Episode 4 (Donald the Normal)

Article: “Rectify” Recap: Episode 4 (Donald the Normal)

Daniel takes a bus to Atlanta and wanders through the streets, marveling at the hustle and bustle.

At home, Teddy lounges on the couch in a disheveled state. Tawney asks why he’s unhappy, even after she signed the loan papers. He explodes, saying he’s still upset that she had feelings for Daniel. She leaves angrily. He guzzles a beer.

Amantha starts to pack for a move back to Atlanta. Janet calls to invite her to the movies and asks Amantha to stay in Paulie.

“Rectify” Recap: Episode 3 (Charlie Darwin)

Article: “Rectify” Recap: Episode 3 (Charlie Darwin)

Daniel sees a tree branch fall in his neighbor’s driveway. He walks outside and stares intently at the limb.

Amantha frets over Daniel, who is still weak from the attack. Daniel sends her on a mission to fetch fritters from the local bakery.

Janet tells Ted Sr. that she wants to renovate the kitchen with Daniel. She bristles when he says they don’t have enough money.

At the bakery, the cashier tells Amantha she’s glad that Bobby was arrested. Amantha’s jaw drops at the news.

“RECTIFY” Recap: Episode 2 (Sleeping Giants)

Article: “RECTIFY” Recap: Episode 2 (Sleeping Giants)

In a death row flashback, Daniel receives a brochure of DOC mental illness guidelines. He angrily recites “proper prisoner behavior” as he hurls and shreds his books.

In Daniel’s hospital room, Janet remarks how friendly the hospital staff is. Amantha reminds her they’re not in Paulie, where everyone wants Daniel dead.

At the Talbot residence, Teddy proposes a plan to increase the tire shop’s declining revenue by renting out tire rims. Ted Sr. balks at the upfront investment costs. Teddy then brings up the elephant in the room: What will they do if Daniel becomes a vegetable?

“Rectify” Recap: Episode 1 (Running with the Bull)

Article: “Rectify” Recap: Episode 1 (Running with the Bull)

Daniel is visited by the ghost of Kerwin, who tells Daniel to wake up.

At an Atlanta hospital, Amantha and Janet panic as Daniel struggles to emerge from an induced coma. Nurses rush in to put him back into the coma.

While at the scene of Daniel’s attack, Lid tells Carl that a witness saw a blue truck leave the cemetery. Carl insists on finding the attackers despite Lid’s warning that it will hurt his reelection chances.

THE WRITERS’ ROOM: “Pretty Little Liars” Recapped and Revealed

Article: THE WRITERS’ ROOM: “Pretty Little Liars” Recapped and Revealed

Jim Rash and the creators of Pretty Little Liars are watching a YouTube clip of a screeching fan and her best friends as they squirm and cry through the season 4 finale of Pretty Little Liars. Throughout the episode one constantly pleads, “Get me through this!” to her fellow watchers. We screened a few fan videos on the set of THE WRITERS’ ROOM, but that one is particularly telling. Every plot twist is blessed with a jubilant shriek. Every cliff-hanger, another spilled bag of popcorn. And after the show’s credits, most fans head over to Twitter to discuss and debate all the details.

THE WRITERS’ ROOM: “The Good Wife” Recapped and Revealed

Article: THE WRITERS’ ROOM: “The Good Wife” Recapped and Revealed

Our host, Jim Rash, sat down with “The Good Wife” star Julianna Margulies, creators Robert and Michelle King and EP Ted Humphrey to talk about their critically acclaimed series on THE WRITERS’ ROOM not long before “The Good Wife” fans blew up the Internet after the (SPOILER ALERT!) 15th episode, in which Will Gardner got killed, aired this season.

THE WRITERS’ ROOM: “Sons of Anarchy” Recapped and Revealed

Article: THE WRITERS’ ROOM: “Sons of Anarchy” Recapped and Revealed

Given that Sons of Anarchy boasts hordes of rabid fans, inspires numerous literary/feminist critiques and is the basis of a Sesame Street adaptation—the rhyming “Sons of Poetry,” which we watched towards the end of taping THE WRITERS’ ROOM—there’s no denying the series’ deep cultural impact. That said, the show’s creator, Kurt Sutter, still considers himself a Hollywood outsider and admits that he regularly takes to Twitter (with the tag #WTFsutter) to underscore his fringe status in the biz. In fact, follow @sutterink and you’ll see.

THE WRITERS’ ROOM: “House of Cards” Recapped and Revealed

Article: THE WRITERS’ ROOM: “House of Cards” Recapped and Revealed

In the Theatre, a common rule of thumb says that one must never place a loaded rifle on stage if it isn’t going to go off. (Something about broken promises…) And in House of Cards, Netflix’s hit political drama, created by a Juilliard-trained playwright and first-time TV writer, the rule is sticking fast. Only everyone is breaking promises and guns are going off regardless—that’s not just a metaphor.

THE WRITERS’ ROOM: “The Walking Dead, Smallville & other comics” Recapped and Revealed

Article: THE WRITERS’ ROOM: “The Walking Dead, Smallville & other comics” Recapped and Revealed

Taping THE WRITERS’ ROOM, like every episode of The Walking Dead, cable’s most-watched TV series ever, is never quite drama-free. Before our host Jim Rash even began discussing The Walking Dead, Smallville and other comic adaptations in this season’s second episode, the lights began flickering on and off.

THE WRITERS’ ROOM: “Scandal” Recapped and Revealed

Article: THE WRITERS’ ROOM: “Scandal” Recapped and Revealed

Kerry Washington, who plays Scandal‘s now-iconic American political fixer Olivia Pope, insists that she’s a play-by-the-rules kind of gal in real life. At the end of taping THE WRITERS’ ROOM, she sweetly made sure to thank everyone in the crew. Individually. And why not? That’s just good upbringing… or a calculated career move intended to lure THE WRITERS’ ROOM staff into a sense of complacency while she continues to run the world from her fabulously fashionable offices in DC. Who knows if she’ll need a favor from host Jim Rash down the line, right? Perhaps there’s more Olivia in her than she knows!

“LOREDANA, ESQ.” Recap: Episode 4 (Dirty Talk and Stolen Identities)

Article: “LOREDANA, ESQ.” Recap: Episode 4 (Dirty Talk and Stolen Identities)

Loredana may be an ace criminal defense attorney, but when it comes to her personal life, our gal rarely catches a break. While packing to leave town for some much-needed rest and relaxation with Robert and Rocco (gotta love the alliteration), LD gets a call from her friend Kerry Oandasan, who is in jail. To no one’s surprise, LD drops what she’s doing, cancels the trip, and rushes to jail to try to make sense of what‘s happened to her friend. After some discussion, LD, Booker and I realize this is going to occupy quite a block of time as Kerry is facing six felonies – two for identity theft, two for burglary and one each for forgery and credit card fraud. Plus, a $250K bail. All of this on a single mom of four with no priors who decided to go out shopping with her old friend AJ.

“LOREDANA, ESQ.” Recap: Episode 3 (You Make Me Want to Do Crime)

Article: “LOREDANA, ESQ.” Recap: Episode 3 (You Make Me Want to Do Crime)

The comedian Christopher Titus once described himself by saying, “I am just a very thin layer of charming with some funny sprinkles wrapped around a huge creamy center of raging, arrogant a-hole.” If you thicken the layer of charm and change “arrogant a-hole” to sexy ballbuster, I think you get a pretty good look at the two sides of LD’s professional personality. Both of which you get to see, side-by-side, in this episode.

“loredana, esq.” recap: episode 2 (naked and afraid)

Article: “loredana, esq.” recap: episode 2 (naked and afraid)

This week’s episode is bedrock Loredana: Ferocious. Fangs out. Focused. And on fire!

Up first is Mike Mingolello. Mike is an old family friend of LD. Everyone calls him “Chunk.” (Don’t ask me. I don’t know why.) Late one night, LD gets a call from her brother Robert saying that Chunk has been arrested. (Rob says he doesn’t know what the charges are when he calls.) He needs our help. This is a first for Chunk. No prior arrests. Completely out of character. Anyway, LD and Robert bail Chunk out, and as they are walking away from the police station, Chunk gives his side of the story: Late last night, just off work, he stops by an ATM to get some cash. He then gets so spooked when he is approached by three guys that he pulls out his concealed firearm and chases the guys off. Well, the three guys decide to call the cops and when the cops arrive, Chunk gets spooked again and takes off. A police chase ensues and somehow a police officer is assaulted and a police dog is bitten! (He bit a canine with his canines!)

“LOREDANA, ESQ.” Recap: Episode 1 (Never Lie to Your Lawyer)

Article: “LOREDANA, ESQ.” Recap: Episode 1 (Never Lie to Your Lawyer)

Loredana Nesci. One tough ex-LAPD cop who is now one tough criminal defense attorney. She also happens to be my boss, my friend, my personal superhero, a pain in my ass, and the world’s greatest mom. Loredana loves to say that the legal system is a game – and when it comes to defending her clients, she plays to win. That’s it. That’s LD in a nutshell. You want her on your side.

A Sign of Judgment Day: Episode 3 Recap (Spoiler Alert)

Article: A Sign of Judgment Day: Episode 3 Recap (Spoiler Alert)

Okay. So I have a theory about this show – and it’s Biblical… In the Bible there is a passage Matthew 12:38-42: "…At judgment time, the citizens of Ninevah will come back to life along with this generation … At judgment time, the queen of the south will be brought back to life along with this generation …"